The 3 types of landing pages you should be using if you want to build your email list fast

Last week I opted in to two new email lists. Now let me make this clear: I am super picky about who’s email list I voluntarily opt-in to. Sure, I tend to end up on more than I’d like, because I’m a webinar junkie. But actually entering my name and email address on someone’s homepage to get their free PDF?…

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Do this before you organize your course content (guest post by Karen Sergeant) on www.amandagenther.com

Do this before you organize your course content

“How should I organize my course?” This is one of the most frequent questions I get. My first piece of advice is: Don’t. I don’t mean “Not ever!” just…”Not yet.” Many of the clients who come to me, come right at this stage – the “Can you help me organize this?” stage. And they usually come with a big brainstormed…

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Free desktop wallpapers at www.amandagenther.com

March Wallpaper

Not gonna lie – I was totally dreaming of sunshine, warm weather and the beach while I was putting together the wallpapers for March. I find myself at this point every year, right around the same time. Sick of the snow and ready for warm days so we can get outside again and go for walks around the neighborhood. A girl…

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How to design a visual brand for your digital product

Over the last couple of weeks, I covered why your signature offering needs a brand of it’s own and how to create your offering’s brand strategy. This week, we’re digging in and covering how to go about designing a visual brand for your digital product. If you want to catch up on the last two posts: 6 reasons to brand…

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3 steps for branding your signature offering

Last week we talked about WHY you should brand your new offering and this week we’re going to talk about HOW. Much of this is the same if you are still in the phase of branding your main business, so feel free to use it for that, as well. Just keep in mind that branding your main business is a…

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6 reasons why your signature offering should have a brand of it’s own

This is Part 1 of a series on branding your signature offering. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you, step-by-step, through the branding process I use for mine and my client’s new signature offerings. These signature offerings can be in the form of online products, programs, courses and 1:1 services. Examples include: high-end services, mastermind groups, eCourses, eBooks,…

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February Wallpaper

Want to show your computer desktop some love in February? I’ve got four choices for you :) February is by-far my favorite month for a few reasons… 1) It’s my birthday month (yay for birthdays!)! 2) I’ll pretty much buy anything that has a giant heart on it, so February is prime time for me to hit up Target’s dollar spot….

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5 Myths (you probably believe) About Creating Digital Programs

If you haven’t created a digital product or online course before, you probably have a few thoughts rolling around in your head about why now isn’t the right time for you to create one. Besides resistance, these are the five biggest myths I’ve found that hold people back from creating their first digital product and why they’re total BS.  …

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5 Ways to Push Through Resistance and Launch Your Next Offering

Have a lot of unfinished project hiding in your Ideas folder? Are you someone who starts off strong with an idea, only to lose steam and motivation before it becomes a reality? Or, maybe even someone who is great at making a lot of progress in the beginning, but can’t seem to get over the hump when it comes time…

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January Wallpaper

HAPPY 2015! I’ve just finished up most of my 2015 planning last week while the online world was a bit quiet, and I’m feeling pretty good about this year. Last year was a bit weird for me as we welcomed our baby boy to the world and I went on the adventure of taking care of a baby and a business…

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