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Why would someone pay for an online course when they can get the information for free on Google?

Why would someone pay for an online course when they can get the information for free on Google?

I was on a Periscope watching Denise Duffield-Thomas talk about strategies for passive income and someone asked a question that I see a lot of other people asking. Why would someone pay for my online course when they could get the same type of information for free by searching Google? If you are thinking the same thing about the online…

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Launch Stories with Maggie Patterson

I’m back after a long pause with another Launch Stories interview from someone I interact with everyday and absolutely love talking to. Maggie Patterson from is giving us the inside scoop on her signature offering, The Story Distillery. Typically, we talk about digital products and online courses when we refer to “launching”, but you can also launch services. This…

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How to collaborate with another creative

Collaborating with another creative business owner can be super awesome. First off, it’s so nice to be able to bounce ideas off each other, especially when you’re so used to being holed up in your own little cave making every decision yourself. It also gives you a chance to feed off the other person’s energy. And let’s also mention accountability….

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Should you build your sales page on your current website or on a separate domain?

Should you build your sales page on your current website or on a separate domain?

The decisions us entrepreneurs have to make when doing anything in our businesses just keep adding up, don’t they. Besides the long list of things we need to do in order to create a new digital product, we also have to think about the minute decisions, like where to build your sales page… on your main domain or a new…

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Launch Stories : Kate Byrne (Betty Means Business)

I’m a pretty curious person. I love to see the behind-the-scenes of my fave online biz owners. Especially their launches. Enter: a new series of interviews — Launch Stories. Today is the first of many interviews with women entrepreneurs who have launched within the past year. I asked them all a series of questions that pulls back the curtain on their…

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What to do when your online course doesn’t enroll enough people — scrap it or move forward?

Today I’m going to answer a reader question. Which goes a little something like this: “You talk about launching a sales page as a way to know if there’s any interest. I love this idea, but… What if there is some interest, but not quite enough to feel confident moving forward, so you scrap the product/program. If you actually opened…

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The #1 thing you should invest in when you’re building your own membership site

You’re launching an online course — you’ve spent hours upon hours on writing the content, designing your own sales page, promoting, posting, emailing and connecting with potential customers… Up to this point, you’ve managed to DIY everything and the only big investment you’ve made is your time. Now it’s time to create your membership site and this is NOT the…

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What to do when you aren’t 100% sure if your audience will like your new idea

This is a reader question that I get a lot, in some shape or form. Launching can be scary. And out of all the scariest things you can think about while launching, this is by-far the most common fear… “What if nobody buys my thing?” Regardless of how confident you feel about your offer, this thought will probably still creep…

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The 3 types of landing pages you should be using if you want to build your email list fast

Last week I opted in to two new email lists. Now let me make this clear: I am super picky about who’s email list I voluntarily opt-in to. Sure, I tend to end up on more than I’d like, because I’m a webinar junkie. But actually entering my name and email address on someone’s homepage to get their free PDF?…

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Do this before you organize your course content (guest post by Karen Sergeant) on

Do this before you organize your course content

“How should I organize my course?” This is one of the most frequent questions I get. My first piece of advice is: Don’t. I don’t mean “Not ever!” just…”Not yet.” Many of the clients who come to me, come right at this stage – the “Can you help me organize this?” stage. And they usually come with a big brainstormed…

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