The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

My Favorite Tools + Resources for Designing Your Own Sales Page

I get asked a lot what my favorite tools and resources are for people who want to design their own sales pages, so I wanted to do a big roundup post today. Page Builders What’s a page builder? It’s basically a theme or a plugin that includes a visual editor, which allows you to be […]
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Launch Showcase for Irresistible Sales Pages – 01

I’m so bad at showing off my work. Did you know that my team and I designed an actual print book last year for a client? Probably not, because I never told you about it. I don’t even have a public portfolio up right now, so I had to add all of my recent work to […]
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Which Comes First — the Sales Page or the Sales Funnel?

I feel like I should be starting this post with a cheesy joke about a chicken and an egg, but I’ll spare you. Instead, we are going to talk sales pages, sales funnels and which comes first. On one hand, you want to start getting people onto your email list and interested in what you’re […]
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Do you actually NEED a sales page for your next launch?

Whenever I do a free training about creating sales pages, it’s a guarantee that someone will ask something along the lines of, “I sell X. Do I need a sales page for that?”. And my answer is almost always the same, so I wanted to just share it here, in case you were asking yourself […]
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10 Simple Sales Page Tweaks to Get More People Buying

As a follow up from my last post about how to get more people to your sales page, today we’re talking about what happens when you have people visiting your sales page, but they STILL aren’t buying. Now what?! This isn’t a sales funnel, marketing or lead generation problem. This is a sales page problem. […]
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6 Things You Need Before You Design Your Sales Page

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Whether you’re hiring a pro or DIYing — this post is going to give you an overview of everything you’ll need before you start designing your sales page. Getting everything prepped and in order before you start designing your sales page (or hiring someone to design it for you) is crucial for a smooth process. There […]
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How to Choose the Right DIY Tool to Build Your Sales Page @ amandagenther.com

How to Choose the Right DIY Tool to Build Your Sales Page

Creating your sales page can be a huge stumbling block for those of you who don’t consider yourself tech or design savvy, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a designer thousands of dollars to do it for you. There are easy-to-use options out there for you, and I’m going to help you find […]
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Where to find the best (free) stock photos for your sales page

  Finding unique and gorgeous stock photos that you haven’t seen every other online entrepreneur and their best friend use already can be pretty tricky sometimes. And when it comes to stock photos on your sales page, the last thing you want is something people have seen ten times before. That’s an easy way to […]
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