It's about time you got that sales machine up & running...

...and wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who could not only help you map out the strategy, but also take the tech off your hands? AND get it done in a day?


book a vip day

My genius lies in conversion-focused design, seamless automation, and the shiny tech that links your funnel pieces together. 

To me, there’s nothing like sitting down with a fresh cup of coffee and masterminding the magic map that gets more eyes on your big ideas. 

So, if you KNOW what you want to do, but the very thought of putting all the pieces together makes you want to scream...

You're busy building your empire. You don't have time to be fiddling around in the backend of your systems –

nor do you want to...

You're in the right place

Where you get a full day of me inside of your biz... perfect for knocking out the key launch pieces that are outside your zone of genius.

VIP Days



“’re so good. It’s not even 9am and I’m already so happy with this day.”

- megan

The VIP Day Menu

Here are some popular examples of what we can tackle during your VIP Day:

Design a medium-length sales page for your upcoming launch

Set up your entire evergreen webinar funnel from start to finish



Build out your complete tripwire funnel to turn new subscribers into instant customers


Set up your brand new quiz funnel to create an engaging way to build your list


Map out your evergreen funnel to ensure you're not missing any key steps


i'm in! Book my day!

"We’re all really impressed by what you can get done in a day. Even just the call to kick things off was incredibly insightful, clarifying and inspiring. I can’t thank you enough for the fresh perspective and expertise you already brought."


got some fresh perspective:


The thing I am loving most about working with you is knowing that you have my back and I don’t have to stress, worry, or manage things. The amount of mental space that gives me back is priceless!”


got mental space back:


"Amanda just knows how to put it all together. Now I have an amazing sales page... I'm using it, it works and I no longer have sales page envy. If you're interested in working with Amanda, do it before her schedule books up!"


got an amazing sales page:


real results

First, you’ll secure your date with me! Next, I’ll send over a little questionnaire for you so I can get to know you and we can identify the focus for our day together.

book your day

The day before your VIP Day, we’ll meet up for a quick chat to go over any last minute details and talk strategy so I can get straight to work on your VIP Day. 

your vip day

At the end of your VIP day, I’ll send you a walkthrough of everything I worked on so you know how to find and use everything! You're ready to hit the ground running!

the wrap-up

let's book it!


Secure your date + get ready to pop that champagne on launch day!


Limited spaces available. I only book 2 VIP Days per month.

You’ve been saying forever that you’re going to figure out how to create a passive income stream... 

And you haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out how all the moving parts fit together.

You’ve had a great idea about a digital product or mini course for, like, years.

Let me guess...

Probably even multiple ideas.

I’ll simplify it for you:

secure your vip day!

How should I prepare for my VIP day? 

I’ll send you a detailed onboarding guide so you know exactly what to have prepared before we kick things off. My goal is to make this as hands-off for you as possible, though, so I’ll only send you the absolute essentials that I need to be able to do my job.

Is there anything you don’t do? 

Plenty! And there’s a lot that I can help you with that isn’t listed above. If you have an idea and you’re wondering if it’s something I do, send me a DM on Instagram!

Is my funnel going to work?

I will 100% tell you if I think you’re headed in the wrong direction. Some trial and error is common with sales funnels (as with anything!), but I’ve helped over $$$ women build funnels and low ticket offers, and as my client, you get to benefit from the rich experience of *my* business and avoid making some common rookie mistakes in yours. 

What if I want to build this out myself? Can you just give me advice & I'l do the rest?

YES! The Power Hour is for you! 👇

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, when you book your date you'll see the option to choose a payment plan if your reserved date is far enough out.

Have a question before booking?

Power Hour

book your power hour

You bring your wild ideas (which are a lot more realistic than you think), and I’ll bring my stubborn insistence that all brilliant women like you should be making money while they’re watching Real Housewives re-runs. 

What you'll walk away with...

👉 60 minute call where our goal is to arrive at funnel-plan clarity + immediate action steps
👉 A recording of our conversation (so you don’t have to take notes and you can focus on getting all your questions answered!)

A smaller dose of funnel strategy packed into a a 60-minute session.


You want to DIY your funnel, but you'd like my help mapping everything out with you!

investment: $497

"She has an amazing knack for explaining things simply"

brittany walked away feeling empowered

If you're considering booking a call with Amanda, you should absolutely do it!! Amanda is an open-book and was willing to answer all of my questions. She has an amazing knack for explaining things simply and I walked away feeling empowered and encouraged! And if you don't already know, Amanda over-delivers on everything she does! You won't be disappointed!

“When life gives you mad skills, find a way to repackage them into
an automated sales machine that makes you money every single day.”

— me, forever & ever, amen