Let me show you how to set up your business to make money every single day... even when you're not working.

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I've taken everything I've learned from running a low-ticket offer funnel for the past year and broken it down into an easy-to-follow process that anyone can apply in their business. I can't wait to show you how a LTO funnel can change your business...

How to Create Consistent $5k Months with a Low-Ticket Offer without adding more to your already-full schedule


You're a booked out boss and looking for a way to make consistent revenue without adding more to your schedule.


Sales Page in a Day

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Sales Page in a Day™ is my easy-to-implement template + workshop system that will teach you how to write a MONEY-MAKING sales page in ONE DAY flat.

You'll get access to done-for-you sales page copy templates, writing workshops to guide you, my top-secret for cutting your writing time in half & so much more!

Writing your sales page just got a whole lot easier (and WAY more fun) with Sales Page in a Day™ in your business backpocket. 🙌


You've turned your secret sauce into an irresistible offer and now you need a sales page to sell it!

"Now I have a sales page and offer that sells so much better than before."

I felt completely stuck with my low-ticket offer that I had been trying to sell for a few months. I thought my offer and sales page were already good, but Amanda taught me a lot of different ways to improve everything I was doing to take everything to the next level.


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Yes, I actually know what I'm doing...

"When I was going through the Sales Page in a Day™ program I literally EXHALED."

Before the program I was so overwhelmed by the thought of filling in a blank Google Doc with copy that would convert. The program had so much valuable information and formulas that were so easy to work with; I created copy for three sales pages in a few hours!


wrote 3 sales pages in a few hours

Without needing to post on social media every day or blast your email list in order to make sales.

how to create consistent $5k months

With A Low-Ticket Offer