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How to Choose the Right DIY Tool to Build Your Sales Page @ amandagenther.com

How to Choose the Right DIY Tool to Build Your Sales Page

Creating your sales page can be a huge stumbling block for those of you who don’t consider yourself tech or design savvy, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a designer thousands of dollars to do it for you. There are easy-to-use options out there for you, and I’m going to help you find […]...
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What I’m Focusing on in 2016 (Plus, a Massive Giveaway!)

When I reflect on 2015, it was a year where I felt like the majority of the time I had my head down in the sand, doing the work, coming up sparingly to breathe and connect with my audience. While I think you have to have years like that, and they are vital for your […]...
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Top 5 most-viewed posts from 2015

Now that 2015 is officially in our rear view mirror, it’s time to look forward to everything we’re going to accomplish in 2016! But, before we do, I’ve rounded up the top 5 viewed posts of 2015 to make sure you didn’t miss anything good! All posts are still relative and on-point, so nothing outdated […]...
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Where to find the best (free) stock photos for your sales page

  Finding unique and gorgeous stock photos that you haven’t seen every other online entrepreneur and their best friend use already can be pretty tricky sometimes. And when it comes to stock photos on your sales page, the last thing you want is something people have seen ten times before. That’s an easy way to […]...
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3 Ways To Put Your Email List to (Better) Use

It’s no secret that one thing you need to have for your business is an email list. It will certainly add to the amount of work that you have to take care of every week, but if you want to build stronger relationships with your community a great way to do so is through an […]...
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Post Launch Review of Irresistible Sales Pages

I sat down to work on my post-launch review of my most recent program launch – Irresistible Sales Pages – and figured I may as well just publish it on my blog for everyone else to benefit from. There’s always a lot of gold that comes up during launches – it tends to bring out the best […]...
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Launch Stories with Kathryn Hocking

This month’s Launch Stories interview is with Kathryn Hocking, the queen of e-Courses. I got to try out a video interview with Kathryn, so you can watch that right below. If you’re more into the reading thing, then just scroll down a bit and we’ve summed up each question for easy reference. [us_separator type=”” size=”huge” […]...
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No Designer? No Problem. 6 Tips for DIYing Your Sales Page

As a designer, I know first hand exactly how much goes into creating a custom sales page. The truth is that not everyone can afford to have a designer create their sales page, especially when you’re just starting out. When I was just starting out and it was time to launch a new product, I […]...
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