7 Black Friday Promo Ideas for Course Creators

November 12, 2019

It’s already the middle of November, have you thought about your Black Friday promo yet? Even if not, you can still do a special offer specifically for Black Friday. If you’re selling information, I have seven ideas for you to do a Black Friday promo this year. Some are going to be easier than others […]

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It’s already the middle of November, have you thought about your Black Friday promo yet?

Even if not, you can still do a special offer specifically for Black Friday.

If you’re selling information, I have seven ideas for you to do a Black Friday promo this year. Some are going to be easier than others to create, but the good news is that most of them don’t require you to create anything new in your business.

If you’re planning on capitalizing on Black Friday this year by launching your course or running a special promo, and you need a sales page to sell your offer, then join me this week for a brand new free training where I’m teaching you how to write and design a high-converting sales page for your next launch.

1. Bundle your courses together at a special promo price

This is a really easy way for you to run a Black Friday promo, and it doesn’t require you to create anything new. You’re just taking your existing courses and bundling them at a special promo price.

This type of promo is going to work really well if you have multiple courses, and they’re selling at a lower price point ($200 and under).

It’s important that the courses you’re bundling together are somewhat related. Obviously they need to be marked towards the same ideal customer.

Once you’ve decided what courses you’ll bundle together, you just need to create your new messaging that speaks to what both courses offer.

For example, my Irresistible Sales Pages course teaches you how to write and design sales pages. If I had one course that taught how to write a sales page and another course that taught how to design a sales page, then I would bundle those two courses together and make it a little bit cheaper to buy them together than it is to buy them separately.

2. Run a special promo for your course with Black Friday bonuses

If you aren’t comfortable discounting your course, but you still want to run a Black Friday special, you can do a limited time offer where new students would get access to a Black Friday only bonus that you create.

You could create a new mini training or a new bonus that you offer for your Black Friday promotion.

This would likely be something new, or some type information you have just sitting in your vault of information that you don’t share publicly or that you could pull out and revamp.

You don’t have to create an entirely new online course, but just a very small piece to push people over the edge, so think about creating something that’s really special.

3. Flash sale your online course

If you’re okay with discounting your course, then you can try a flash sale. You’ll want to pick a very specific time frame and choose your special discounted price.

Most people think that their existing customers will be upset if you offer your course at a cheaper rate than they bought it. You would never go to Target, though, and call out the manager for a shirt that you purchased 6 months ago for $10 that’s not on clearance for $5.

Also, there was a benefit for them buying it when they did, right? They needed it then, so they bought it. So don’t worry about your past customers getting upset.

If you are concerned about this, you can avoid it altogether by not emailing your current customers about your flash sale. When you’re sending out emails for your Black Friday promotion, just exclude your existing customers from those emails. They’ve already purchased anyway, so they don’t need emails about your sale.

4. Promotion to donating a percentage of your course sales to charity

In this type of promotion you would tell people if they buy your course during these three days or during this week, you’re going to donate 20% of your course sales, for example, to this specific charity.

This is a really good opportunity for you to choose a charity that means something to you or maybe that’s related to whatever you’re teaching.

That’s another option if you don’t want to discount your course.

Something like this just makes people feel really good, especially if they were already planning on buying the course, and they need it, but you telling them that 20% of those sales are going to charity might give them that little push over the edge to feel good about actually buying it. They’ll know their money’s going to do some good.

5. Pre-sell a new course

If you have a new online course idea that you have been wanting to create, Black Friday could be a really good opportunity for you to presale because people are ready to buy. They have their credit cards out there just waiting for that offer to come across their inbox that they absolutely want or need.

You don’t actually need to create the course yet. You’re just doing a special presale promotion. You’ll want to make it very clear that the course is not created yet, but you’re getting this special price during Black Friday because they need the course.

Also make sure you tell your customers when the course will actually be available. Pre-selling is one of my favorite things to do because it’ll help you make sure that people actually want that course. Doing a presale during Black Friday also just adds a little more fun and urgency behind the promotion.

6. Host a workshop-style course

This is a concept that I’ve learned from Amy Porterfield. She has an awesome bonus that I got for being part of her new Momentum Membership, where she teaches you how to create a workshop-style course.

So the idea of a workshop is not new, but it’s the idea of selling a smaller course workshop-style. Instead of creating a 6-week long course, you’re doing a 2-hour workshop-style course.

This is something that you can put together very easily, and during Black Friday you could sell that course.

This is another idea where you don’t have to deliver the course right away. It’s a workshop, which means it’s a live event where people are actually showing up on a specific day and time to consume the content.

During Black Friday you can be focused on selling the workshop and then three weeks later you could actually be hosting the workshop.

This is a great idea if you don’t have a whole course idea that you want to pre-sell, but you have a very small niche concept or strategy that you could teach inside of a 2 hour long workshop-style course.

7. A holiday gift guide for your audience with your online course

You could round up all of your favorite tools, software, and anything else that your audience would be interested in and put it into a gift guide PDF or email to your list.

The key here and the way that you actually make money from this is that you want to include affiliate links in the PDF. Not everything in the gift guide needs to be an affiliate link, but wherever you can, make sure you’re including a link that will give you a kickback when you’re sharing those products with your audience. Make sure you add a little blurb to disclose to your audience that the PDF includes affiliate links.

Affiliate links and affiliate sales are one of my favorite ways to make money online because you’re just sharing the stuff that you love. You don’t need to create anything new.

For example, most of my audience is online course creators or people who want to create online courses. I could do a holiday gift guide where I round up all of my favorite tools for creating online courses and turn it into a nice PDF.

In fact, my friend Nicolette from Nicolette Styles has a really awesome Black Friday you could use to create your round up PDF.

If you have an online course, maybe on the last page of your PDF or at the bottom of your email include information about your course and your special promotion.

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