Pivoting Your Offers to Better Serve Your Customers with Meg Sutton

Pivoting Your Offers to Better Serve Your Customers with Meg Sutton

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to totally pivot your business as a product-based shop? If so, this episode is for you!

Today I’m chatting with Meg Sutton, who is the founder and creator of the products over at Belle & Union, which is a company that sells Letterpress printed cards are printed southern-inspired wrapping papers and handcrafted Artisan goods. The shop has been featured in Country Living, Rachel Ray, Southern Living, Southern Lady, and Oh So Beautiful Paper.

In this interview, we are talking about her recent decision to pivot the products that she was selling in her shop because they just didn’t align with where she was at in her life as well as how she actually went about making that transition and introducing that to her audience.

She’s actually still in the middle of the transition, so we got a bit of the behind the scenes of what that looks like, what it feels like to be in such a big transition, and what the rest of the year looks like for her now that she is making this shift.

If you are ready to hear a successful shop owner talk about what is actually happening behind the scenes, make sure to listen in!

Pivoting Your Offers to Better Serve Your Customers with Meg Sutton


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • Meg’s decision to pivot the products she was selling
  • How she is going about pivoting her business
  • Introducing the pivot to her audience
  • A behind the scenes look at being in the middle of a big transition


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