Why would someone pay for an online course when they can get the information for free on Google?

Why would someone pay for an online course when they can get the information for free on Google?

I was on a Periscope watching Denise Duffield-Thomas talk about strategies for passive income and someone asked a question that I see a lot of other people asking.

Why would someone pay for my online course when they could get the same type of information for free by searching Google?

If you are thinking the same thing about the online course you’d like to create soon, then this post is for you.

Here’s the truth —

People are lazy.

I’m lazy.

I could spend a ton of time trying to find the right info and piece it all together.

OR, I could purchase an online course on the topic from someone I trust and get all of the information I need, in the order I need it.

Here are just a few reasons why people will happily pay for an online course even though they could eventually find all of that info online for free:

    • Saves time
    • Saves money (because our time is worth something)
    • We aren’t experts, so we don’t know what is good info vs. bad info
    • We want the specific viewpoint or formula for the topic from the course creator (a huge differentiating factor if you’re in a crowded marketplace, BTW)
    • You want everything in one place so it’s easy to access (again: saves time)

Here are a few examples to drive my point home

My client, Alison Lumbatis, runs her Style Challenges (new sales page and membership site will be launching this fall!) every season. Her program is a perfect example of people paying for something they could eventually find for free on the internet. Her members could just search around the internet all day for the perfect outfits for summer, OR, they could purchase a Style Challenge and get every outfit picked out for them with recommended links to the different items and where to buy them online.

Another one of my clients, Kathryn Hocking, teaches entrepreneurs how to create and launch online courses. Again, someone could Google the hell out of creating online courses and find themselves down a rabbit hole of bad information. They could piece all of that info together until it forms somewhat of a resemblance of a launch strategy. Let’s not mention how long it took them to finally gather all the information. Let’s also not mention that since they are googling how to do this, I’m assuming they’ve never done it before, therefore have no clue what they need to actually be googling. That’s where Kathryn’s course comes in — for a price, she will deliver all of this information to you on a silver platter (with some peppering of her unique experience mixed in). You get the information and process you need, her specific viewpoint on the topic AND you can spend more time actually creating your course, rather than Googling how to create it.

My training program, Irresistible Sales Pages is another great example of this. I teach people how to design profitable and pretty sales pages using OptimizePress. Could the members just purchase OptimizePress and try and get the same look all by themselves? Of course! Or, they could purchase my course and get my specific process for designing sales pages and exclusive templates that save them a ton of time and help them get a custom look for a fraction of the price.


So yes, people could get the info in your course for free. But we’ve got businesses to run, and if you’ve been down the DIY rabbit hole, you know exactly how much time and money gets wasted as you Google, tinker, experiment and slowly drive yourself nuts.

Your dream clients are the ones who understand the value of what you’re delivering, so don’t talk yourself out of your big idea, there’s someone who needs what you have to offer.

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Launching something soon?

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