Which Comes First — the Sales Page or the Sales Funnel?

Which comes first — the sales page or the sales funnel? @ bit.ly/salespageorsalesfunnel

I feel like I should be starting this post with a cheesy joke about a chicken and an egg, but I’ll spare you.

Instead, we are going to talk sales pages, sales funnels and which comes first.

On one hand, you want to start getting people onto your email list and interested in what you’re selling so that more people know about it and will buy your offer.

On the other hand, you need somewhere to send people to actually buy your offer.

Which do you focus on first?

Here’s the order I recommend following when you want to launch a sales funnel for your program:

Step 1: Start an interested list for your program

If you are launching a brand new program, the first step is always setting up an email list that people can hop onto that are interested in what you’re creating. This serves 2 purposes — proving that people are actually interested in the topic and building up a list of highly targeted people you can contact when your product does launch.

Step 2: Send the interested list relevant content

This is a great thing to do while you’re creating your sales page. You want to keep everyone engaged in what you’re doing by sending them valuable content that relates to your program.

Step 3: Create + launch your sales page

Now is the time that you create and launch your sales page. Like I said up top — in order to have a sales funnel, you need somewhere to actually send people who are interested in buying your program. That’s where your sales page comes in.

This post will help you choose the right DIY tool for creating your sales page.

Step 4: Set up your sales funnel

Once you’ve launched your sales page, you’re ready to put your sales funnel into place.

I always recommend doing at least one live launch of your program, rather than jumping straight into an evergreen program, because it’s much easier to create hype and excitement over a live launch.

This first round of launching will also help validate your idea, if your offer is brand new.

Once you’ve got the first launch under your belt, it will be much easier to set up your sales funnel with all of the pieces already created.

This post talks more about sales funnels.

Want to get a jump start on your sales page? Grab my brand new FREE guide – The Sales Page Starter Guide – to learn what you need to include on your sales page to make it your most profitable page!

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