What I’m Focusing on in 2016 (Plus, a Massive Giveaway!)


When I reflect on 2015, it was a year where I felt like the majority of the time I had my head down in the sand, doing the work, coming up sparingly to breathe and connect with my audience. While I think you have to have years like that, and they are vital for your growth, 2016 is going to look a little different.

Before we jump into what I’ll be focusing on in 2016, there were a few special things that happened in 2015 that are worth mentioning.

  • I finally reached (and surpassed) my yearly revenue goal of $100,000 and landed at a year-end total of $124K (and was able to write myself a paycheck every month for a good portion of that). This seemed like a huge hurdle to cross, and with mostly 1-on-1 work with a very small team (me and 1 other designer) contributing to that number, it explains why I felt like I had my head in the sand for the majority of the year.
  • I traveled to Canada in June to film with Natalie MacNeil for the new Conquer Camp videos.
  • I traveled to Mexico in September to meet up with my mastermind buddies.
  • I established an incredibly narrow niche by focusing on custom e-course design projects and teaching DIY e-Course design strategies.

Let’s pause for a moment and talk about that last one. I think I could go on and on about how important it is to narrow your niche, but let me jot down a few fun things that happened last year as a direct result of doing it:

  • I launched my signature program, Irresistible Sales Pages to help establish myself as the go-to-girl for all things DIY e-course design. I started with the sales page piece because it’s generally one of the first and most important steps to launching an e-course that I knew a lot of people struggled with. The results on the first launch were great (you can read my post-launch recap post here) and now the course is running as an evergreen product (always available to purchase).
  • I partnered up with Courtney Johnston to launch the Sales Page in a Weekend workshop.
  • I got asked to be a 2016 mentor for The Conquer Club to talk about DIY Sales Page Design.
  • I was interviewed on podcasts and asked to teach workshops for other programs.

Alrighty, now let’s chat about 2016 and what I’ll be focusing on this year.


What I’ll be focusing on in my business

1. Retainer clients and less custom projects for new clients. Although I love working on these custom projects for new clients, these are far more time consuming for me at the moment than my retainer clients, and my retainer clients pull in more monthly revenue and make me so happy. Instead, I’ll be focusing on my retainer clients, booking 1-2 more for the year and taking on a very select number (I’m thinking 2-3) of custom design projects.

2. Creating and launching a sales funnel for Irresistible Sales Pages. Since I decided to set this up as an evergreen digital product (meaning that it’s always for sale), building my list and bringing in new leads on a daily basis are going to be crucial to hitting my 2016 goals for revenue and reach.

3. Creating consistent content that is both super valuable free. There were times in 2015 where I felt like my content was consistent and on-point, but then there were times when it fell by the wayside while I was focused on 1-on-1 design projects. This year, I’ve set new blogging and content goals for myself that include at least 2 posts per month and at least 1 new free resource every quarter. Each resource will focus on helping you be able to brand and deliver your e-Course in style.

4. Launch a new evergreen program that teaches people how to design their own gorgeous e-course membership sites. This is really a result of so many requests from my community and current Irresistible Sales Page customers, because it’s such a perfect next-step program. I’m aiming to launch that program in March/April before maternity leave.

Because my life isn’t only about my business, and I thought it might be interesting to hear both, I’m also including the list of what I’ll be focusing on in my life.


What I’ll be focusing on in my life

1. More adventures. I’d love to become a member of some fun organizations like the children’s zoo and YMCA now that Logan is getting a little older.

2. A 3 month maternity leave, which includes making sure I have enough cash in the bank to continue paying myself each month I’m on maternity leave.

3. Date nights. Maybe this is high on my mind, since it hasn’t happened in a while because of the end-of-the-year hustle and bustle, but we’d love to get back to weekly (or at least bi-weekly) date nights. This means finding a babysitter who is available on weekends and scheduling it into the calendar.

4. Moving to a bigger home. We’ve quickly outgrown our 3 bed/2 bath house we purchased in 2014. Besides looking for a bigger home, we’re also looking for one that we can put a little work into. The house we currently live in was practically brand new when we bought it, which meant little need for updates and personal touches. I’m really looking forward to a new home we can turn into ours and grow with our family.


Giveaway time!

Just for the fun of it, I’m doing a massive giveaway this week. Turns out, I ended up with an extra copy of some of my favorite 2016 planning resources, and I thought you might like a shot at winning them for yourself.

Each prize will have 1 separate winner and I’ll announce the winner via email and on Instagram next Monday, January 18th.

The giveaway starts NOW and ends on Friday, January 15 at midnight CST.

Here are the prizes up for grabs:
Prize #1: A brand new copy of The Conquer Kit by Natalie MacNeil.


The Conquer Kit is a creative business planner built for women entrepreneurs. You’ll have so much fun filling out this gorgeously designed workbook with full-color pages and countless number of exercises.

Prize #2: A Leonie Dawson Shining Life Planner Bundle.


This prize includes a copy of the 2016 Shining Life Workbook, 2016 Wall Calendar and 2016 Daily Planner to help you get set for an amazing 2016.

Prize #3: A brand new copy of the Savor the Success 90-Day Action Planner.


This is the amped-up version of our best-selling Daily Action Planner made of two components that work together: Weekly Pilot Plans and Daily Action Plans. People have been buzzing with praise for this little book’s high impact on time management.


How to enter the giveaway:

Enter the giveaway by completing at least one of the entry options below. Each option gives you one raffle ticket into the giveaway, so the more options you complete, the better chance you have to win a prize!

Option 1: Leave a blog post comment below this post and tell me one big thing you’ll be focusing on or creating in 2016. I’d really love for you to do this one, if nothing else! Nice and simple, just tell me what you’re working towards.

Option 2: Tell your friends. I’d love for as many people to get a chance at this giveaway as possible, so the more times you share this with your friends, the more times you’re name will also be entered to win. 🙂


Enter the givaway here:

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