What are you really selling?

You probably think you’re selling an online course on how to incorporate healthier eating habits into your life.

Or you probably think you’re teaching people how to write their own website copy.

Or maybe… you think you’re selling an ebook on how to find more clients.

I can confidently tell you that what you think you’re selling isn’t what you’re actually selling.

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The entrepreneur selling an online course on how to incorporate healthier eating habits into your life is ACTUALLY selling self-beauty and self-acceptance. Their selling the benefits of the product, not the features. They’re helping you feel great, feel healthy, look good, and be more confident in public.

The entrepreneur teaching people how to write their own website copy is ACTUALLY selling the ability to express yourself through the written word so that you can turn the right people into your raving fans. Again, the benefits of the service… not the features.

The entrepreneur selling an ebook on how to find more clients is ACTUALLY selling financial freedom and business confidence. Once again, they’re selling the benefits of find more clients, not the features (how they’ll actually find more clients).

Here’s an example that we can all relate to:


See the pattern? Fantastic! Let’s move on.

Okay, that’s great Amanda, but how do I apply this to my business?

I hear you. Here’s what you should look at first:

  1. Start by looking through your current offerings. Take note of how you’ve been presenting these offerings to your community. Are you focusing more on the features and steps rather than the emotional connections that you can and should be making with your perfect clients.
  2. Ask yourself this question: What is it that my customers actually want from my offerings? What benefits are they looking for? What outcome are they looking for? What return on their investment are they hoping for?
  3. Re-work your offerings, your copy, your website. Start with the benefits of each offering, followed by the features and how it’s going to work. It helps to start by relating with your people and acknowledging how they feel at this moment. Then, tell them why your offering

This is a great exercise for those who have offerings that are moving like molasses off the virtual shelves.

It’s a great practice to take a step back and look at why your offerings aren’t selling like you had hoped. How are you positioning your products? Are your services telling people what they could gain after working with you? The fears that they can finally alleviate? The goals that they can finally cross of their lists?

Want some help clarifying what you’re actually selling so that you can relate to your client’s on a much deeper level?

I work through this process with my Sweet Spot Session clients and it’s proven to be one of the most important exercises, because once you can correctly identify what you’re actually selling, you can see your offerings through your client’s eyes – an invaluable tool to creating offerings that actually SELL!

I’ve got spots open for May 2013. You can find out more here and book a free 15 min. call with me, if you’d like.

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