Using Pinterest for Your Design Business

Since I shared on Tuesday how I was moving away from looking like a mini Pinterest site to a more informative and business-empowering site, I wanted to talk about how I would share inspiration with my clients and readers. I think it’s important that potential clients get a sense of my personal style before they decide to work with. I’ve just decided to leave all of that inspiration where it belongs – over on Pinterest. If something like completely WOWS me out my socks, I might just have to share it here, but we’ll talk about that when the time comes.

I’ve cleaned up my Pinterest boards and organized the first few boards into design boards that my clients can use to search for inspiration for their own brands. I’ve split the boards up into these categories ::

Design :: Branding (different branding elements and logos that I love)

Design :: Packaging (different packaging options that I love)

Design :: Printing (different printing techniques that I love)

Design :: Pattern (patterns that can tie into your branding, website, and more)

I’ve also included a board for Creative Biz Tips, which is where I’ll keep all of my How To and Biz Chat posts.

My goal is to send clients to these boards to dig through the pins and find the inspiration for their own projects.

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