Turning over a new leaf


There’s such a weird feeling when you’re writing to the people of the internet. You’re so influenced by what you think you’re supposed to be writing about (business, marketing, design, etc), but it’s your blog and you feel like you should be able to write about whatever you want. And that last part is what I struggle with.

Since we’ve introduced our little one into the world, I’ve felt this urge to share more about ME and my life, rather than just business tips and advice. I want to let you in behind the scenes and share more of what inspires me. I want to talk about everyday things I love. I want to talk more about the real life things and let you inside of my little world.

There are so many ‘business experts’ out there, and I feel that we need a new perspective in this circle of online creative women. Because if there’s one important thing I’ve learned over the past 3 years of running this business, it’s that people are inspired by other people. And the more they get to know that person, the more chances they have to feel inspired by them. I would absolutely LOVE to inspire you.

In the past, I feel that I may have tried to fit the mold of knowing what’s going on, but the truth is that I don’t (especially now that my world has flipped on it’s head with a baby on board). What I want you to know is that I’m still figuring everything out, just like you are. Once I figure out something that works for my business, I write blog posts and ebooks and online programs. I share it with you hoping that it might be able to help you, too. That’s how my business works. I’m walking the walk, right beside you, and sharing my lessons.

As I return from my amazing maternity leave (have you seen how cute this kid is??), expect to see more of a twist in postings. I’m not entirely sure how that will look, yet, so I don’t want to make any promises. I do know, however, that it’ll be a nice mix of life & business, just the way it should be.

So, that’s my rambling of feelings. And remember – we’re all in this together 

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