Top 5 most-viewed posts from 2015

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts from 2015 on

Now that 2015 is officially in our rear view mirror, it’s time to look forward to everything we’re going to accomplish in 2016!

But, before we do, I’ve rounded up the top 5 viewed posts of 2015 to make sure you didn’t miss anything good! All posts are still relative and on-point, so nothing outdated and dusty here!


#1: Review : 17Hats


Published in 2014, but this review post has landed in the top viewed posts for 2 years in a row, and for good reason. You need a guinea pig to go in and check it out before you make the decision to take your time to learn a new piece of software. I’m happy to be your guinea pig. 17Hats is a project management system that I know a lot of people use. This post contains my honest review of its beta program. I do know they’ve updated it considerably, but I have not checked out the latest updates.


#2: An alternative to Infusionsoft for small (but mighty) creative businesses

Like post #1, this is an oldie but a goodie. Although, I’ve recently gone back to using Infusionsoft, this is still a great post for those who aren’t quite ready for the big investment. I’ll be honest, there are still moments when I consider switching away from Infusionsoft again, so I’m still on the hunt for the perfect-for-my-business solution. I’ll make sure to keep you updated if I ever find it. I’m currently checking out Active Campaign and Convert Kit as an alternate email software.


#3: The 3 types of landing pages you should be using if you want to build your email list fast


This was actually one of my favorite posts to write in 2015, because I love showing you examples of how to do what I’m talking about. On my editorial calendar for 2016 – do a review of each of the popular landing page software out there. My fave and a tool I use everyday continues to be LeadPages.


#4: My 8-step process for writing sales pages copy

My 8-step process for writing sales page copy via

Most people might be surprised to learn that I write my own sales page copy, given that I know so many talented copywriters (looking at you – Maggie + Courtney). The truth is – writing my sales page gives me so much clarity around my offer that it would actually make my life harder if I didn’t write it myself first. To clarify, I DO have someone edit my sales page copy once I’m done writing it. Just to make sure there are no typos and that I’m actually making sense 😉

Note: if you’re looking for someone to edit your sales page copy, Courtney Johnston has an awesome service that does just that. Reach out to me via twitter and I’ll get you a personal referral link so she knows I sent you!


#5: 5 myths you probably believe about creating digital programs


This post is a great eye-opener as you embark on creating your first online course or other digital product. It breaks down the 5 most common myths I hear from people when it comes to why they can’t (or shouldn’t) create an online course yet. I’m here to tell you that those reasons you tell yourself is just resistance playing out in your mind.

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