I’ll admit… I was really scared to do this post, as I assume most people were. There are just some things that are uncomfortable to share with others out of fear that they will think differently of you or not like you. But, still, I thought it was important to share little facts about me that I wouldn’t normally share openly. 

When I read Jess’s post I was so amazed at the courage it took to share those things with her readers. I had a little feeling inside of me that made me feel like I wanted to participate, but I was still scared. Then, I saw that Ez of Creature Comforts put together a group of bloggers to share the things they were afraid to tell their readers, and I was inspired again to write this post. I wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long to decide to sit down and finally write it, but I guess it’s better late than never, right?

So, here it goes:

01. I am younger than most people think that I am and I’m always afraid to tell people my age. I know I should be proud of where I am in life at such a young age, but I’m afraid people will look down on me as inexperienced and naive if I openly declare my age. Even though I am younger, my drive and passion for design is inevitable, and I hope that my passion and portfolio shine brighter than my age.


02. I come from a very broken (but amazing) family. I don’t speak to my biological father, but I have an amazing Dad that adopted me and my younger brother when I was six years old. Now, my Mom and Dad are divorced, which makes it difficult to visit home, because I feel like I never really get to relax and hang out due to driving all over Michigan seeing each parent for a few short hours at a time. I hate this about my life.

03. I eat meat and I love meat. I also don’t consider myself a ‘healthy’ person, even though I wish I was. I choose ground turkey over ground beef and always choose the non-fat version, but I’m not a fan of diet pop and I love steak! I also hate running, even though I do it, because it allows me to eat the foods I love.

04. I was never a fan of having children. I think that because of my family situation, being a Mom was never one of my top priorities. However, this has definitely changed since meeting and marrying my husband. He was born to be an amazing Father. I just hope that my motherly instincts will kick in by the time I have a child.

05. I’m a very undedicated blog reader. Even though I design blogs, I’m awful at keeping up with them. People ask me which blogs inspire me and I have a hard time coming up with names.

06. I’m awful at keeping friends. I don’t put aside time to hang out with them or even talk to them on the phone, because I think I’m too busy. I am okay with not hanging out with other people on a daily basis, but I wish I was a better friend.

07. I’ve played soccer since I was four years old, but I have no intentions of ever playing again and I’m okay with that. To everyone else this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to my close family and friends it probably seems crazy. In high school, I was voted Rookie of the Year my freshmen year, got the MVP award three years in a row and was a co-captain for two years. But, I tore my ACL my junior year. This put a halt on any hopes of playing soccer in college. I tried out for the soccer team when I first went to college, but didn’t make it. I knew I wasn’t ready, but it felt like something I was supposed to do. Then, during my sophomore year of college I decided to start up a club soccer team for women. I loved running the team for a year, but knew I didn’t want to do it anymore. I felt guilty, because this was the sport I used to love and now I wanted nothing to do with.

Well, if you’re still reading… thank you! I hope everything in this post is taken lightly, because it took me a while to finally decide to publish it.

If you’re interested in reading what other bloggers wrote, check out Liz’s list here and Meg’s list here.

17 thoughts on “THINGS I’M AFRAID TO TELL YOU”

  1. So glad you shared this! I too don’t like spilling the beans on my age. I feel the same way you do about the reasons you shared.
    Kudos to you for sharing!

  2. When I read Jess’s post I had a feeling it would catch on. I’m right there with you on the kids thing. I’ve never felt the “urge” or “instinct” to want to have children. Most people don’t get it. I’m perfectly happy spoiling my cats.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. So glad you did this Amanda! The things that seem scary to each of us aren’t as scary as we think! I didn’t know the whole story about your family and I’m sorry to hear that. But I think it’s so awesome how your perspective has changed since marrying Steven!! You will make an amazing mother when the time is right. For #3- I just want to say that I hope my granola files posts don’t ever make people like you feel guilty or worse about themselves. Everyone is different and if you love meat, then by all means, eat it! 🙂 I totally relate with #5 – especially lately, I’ve become horrible at reading and commenting on blogs. I think it’s hard when we’re all trying so hard to generate our own original content and grow! Also, #6 – totally. Especially if you’re self-employed, it’s all about effort and balancing your own work schedule. Let’s try harder, k? 🙂 And #7 – I HEAR YOU. Sometimes the hard part in life is letting yourself evolve into something that you didn’t used to be. I played tennis competitively all my life yet I rarely play now. I have to remind myself that change is good and change is ok. We don’t have to live according to definitions that other people (used to) have of us! Just do what feels right to you, and maybe if that doesn’t include soccer, who cares! As long as you’re happy. 🙂

    Ok marathon comment over. I just had to comment on each one 🙂 xoxo

  4. Amanda, I love all of this! I am young, too, and it always surprises people. I hate bringing it up if I don’t have to (although since I’m only 5′ tall, people pick up on it much faster).

  5. 04. Everyone says that your motherly instincts, your internal clock, will scream loud and clear when the time is right. I’ve always wanted kids, but am afraid my clock is never going to go off.

    So glad you shared your thoughts & the original post. I’ve just spent the last 2 hours pouring through them! As always, you impress me.

  6. Amanda Genther

    Thanks you guys for the amazing comments! You have no clue how much better it makes me feel to know that there are others who struggle with the same things as me!!

    You guys are great!!

  7. hey amanda

    after reading #4 i feel compelled to share randi’s work with you entitled, Maybe Baby? – for women who are ambivalent about having children, but hear the whisper of ‘maybe’ in their hearts. making peace with your truth.

    hey if it resonates, great! if not, no problema!

    cheers from shana

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  9. AHH can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. But seriously lady – I relate on almost every single thing minus the family one. And your “soccer” is my “tennis.” Seriously, had no idea we were so similar. 😉 I definitely relate to the age thing. Yikes!

  10. Whoa! I don’t know how I didn’t see this earlier. Wow, I can really relate to a lot of them. I come from a disaster of a family too, sadly. So I can understand how stressful it can be. Your soccer is my piano/bass guitar. I haven’t totally given it up, but I definitely have no time for it either.

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