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  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

There’s a Lot to be Thankful For

One more day and I’m off again for the holidays. These last couple of weeks – between NYC and Hurricane Sandy to making the move back to Michigan – have felt like a whirlwind of extended deadlines, playing catch-up and a big ball of stress. But, for the rest of the week year, I’m going to remember that my life is pretty swell. I’ve jotted down a few things that I’m thankful for.


I’m Thankful For ::

+ A loving and extremely supportive husband

I wouldn’t have been able to make the leap I did at 22 if it weren’t for him, so I’ll forever be grateful for his support and trust in me.

+ A growing-out-of-her-puppy-stage puppy

Don’t get me wrong – she’s still a puppy at almost three years old, but there’s a huge improvement from six months ago. HUGE!

+ The best job in the world and the best clients in the world

I seriously feel extremely blessed every single day I wake up and go to work. Why?

Well, for one – work is only one room over, rather than a 15 minute drive. That’s enough to be thankful for right there!

Second – I have the opportunity to choose exactly what clients I surround myself with everyday, and thanks to a good judge of character, I have some pretty bad ass clients!

+ The largest family in the world

With five sets of grandparents still kicking it in this world, it’s hard to not feel like I have the biggest support system around me. No matter what, I know that (even though the Holidays are stressful, trying to figure out which house to visit next) my family is forgiving, understands and is just happy to see me when they can. I love that.


Okay, enough with the sappy things. Let’s get to the good ones!


Other important items I’m thankful for ::

+ My mustache mugs

Because, who doesn’t want to pretend like they have a mustache?

+ My plethora of business & marketing books

They make me feel smart, because they’re the only books I can get through before ADD kicks in.

+ Cheese

Now that I can’t technically have it, it makes me want it even more. However, I’m NOT thankful for my dairy allergy. That blows.

+ My memory-foam mattress pad

Feels like you’re sleeping on clouds. And sleeping on clouds is pretty awesome.

+ The fact that my husband is tall

So he can reach the top shelf of the cupboards.


What are you thankful for?

Serious or funny – either one!

Let me know in the comments below, or head over to my Facebook page and comment on the image!


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