There are only a few things that really matter in life.


Whew. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve sat down to write a post. The explanation for that coming up!

And, YES, that is snow up above. On our drive to Chicago last Thursday, we hit a snow storm in Holland, MI. Craziness, but this officially means that I’m not crazy if I listen to Christmas music (which I am right now).


I just wanted to pop in to tell you:

a) I’m still alive. I received one very encouraging email from a longtime follower, telling me to keep going. Although I loved the words of encouragement, what I was facing was drastically opposite. With a newly re-launched service and a live workshop finishing up, there was a lot of backend client stuff that needed my attention. I decided to not let myself feel guilty that I had completely neglected my blog & chalked it up as an act of balancing.

b) I just got back from a week-long vacation that included a few days in North Carolina at the Making Things Happen conference and followed by a few days in Chicago with the fam & some pretty amazing food. Man, I miss Chicago.

c) Things around here might be changing up a bit. After my experience at MTH and then a few days of down-time to reflect, finished up by this post – I realized that I have been very consumed with what everyone around me (mostly in the internet world) would think of decisions that I made for me or my business.

I was worried what people would think if they found out how old I was (would people think that I was a fake?).

I was worried what people would think if I decided to re-launch my design services, even though I posted less than a year ago that I was no longer designing (would people think I was flaky?).

I was worried about posting something more personal on my blog (would people not take me seriously as a biz owner with pretty pictures on my blog?).

I realized that the only person I wasn’t listening to… was me.


And during those few days, I decided to do one thing from here on out, no matter what I believed other people would think…


Let yourself experiment.


Got an idea for a workshop but it doesn’t make much sense with your current offerings? Launch it anyways. It might turn out to be your biggest hit.

Love graphic design, brand strategy and stationery and want to launch a business doing all three? Do it! You can narrow down later. Now’s your time to play.


My biggest takeaway from the conference and the days following it were this…

There are a few things that really matter in life: 

Your family & everyone else who loves you.

Making a difference/helping out other people with the work you provide.

Doing what you love.

Everything else doesn’t really matter in the bigger scheme of things.


With that being said, you will be seeing some changes to this blog to create more of a personal space for me and the people who follow along and the ones who come here to get inspired.

I’m a human being who has a life outside of her business (it may be simple and boring to some, but it’s my life and I love it) with many other passions not currently expressed here. I trust that the people who continue to follow are the ones who I can help most. I also know that the people only looking for strategy & tips for running a business are in the wrong place. There are many other blogs out there like that. This isn’t one of them… anymore.


xx Amanda

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