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The one business myth stopping you from making more cash


I’ve got a special person writing today – Ashley Ambirge, from The Middle Finger Project.

If you don’t know her, you really should! This girl has changed the way I think about business.

I have to admit – I was a firm believer in the idea of ‘working hard will get you anything’. I figured if I busted my ass, day-in and day-out, working with clients non-stop, that the money would start flowing in. The real truth, however, is that there are only so many hours in a day and there’s only one of me.

Enter Ashley.

I’m going to let Ashley tell you all about it, because there isn’t anyone better to talk on this very subject than her.

This girl spun me right into her little internet-web the second I landed on her page. I knew that I HAD to buy what she was selling.

(Make sure to read the bottom of the post for a super-exclusive deal that Ashley put together for you, and you only)

Take it away, Ash!


We’ve been set up.

All that advice we’ve been hearing all these years?

It’s bad advice.

Finish what you started.
Yeah okay. You finish what you started, while the rest of us go be flexible enough to know when something’s working—and when it’s not.

All good things must come to an end.
Who’s thinking up these proverbs? Saddam Hussein?

Everything in moderation.
Unless we’re talking about pistachio ice cream, which should absolutely, in fact, be eaten in moderation, if you really want something, the last thing you should be is moderate.

And my all-time personal favorite: There’s no substitute for hard work.
Yes there is. It’s called smart work. And it’s a lot more profitable, too.


This concept of “smart work.”

You’re probably irritated just hearing that phrase. Everybody’s wandering around yelling “smart work! smart work!” and you’re all, “what the hell does that even mean?!” Stab. Stab. Stab.

But I have good news. If you’re a service provider, it’s a term you’ll want to embrace and make out with. In a parking lot. With wild, crazy, reckless abandon.

Because as you know, there’s only 24 hours in a day. Twenty-three if you count that hour spent scraping dried egg yolk off of everyone’s plate. And even if you were to work yourself to the bone, around the clock, you’ll still be at a heartbreaking disadvantage: When there are no more hours in the day, there are no more hours you can bill.

And when that happens, your income is capped off, and you are capped off.

Not to mention you’ll probably be a miserable wreck, snarling at girl scouts and spiking their cookies on the pavement. Not like I’ve ever done that before. * twiddles thumbs * looks around room innocently *

And this is precisely where the annoying phrase of “smart work” comes into play.


When you work smart, you:

  • No longer get paid only during billable hours. Because there’s a problem with getting paid this way: You only get paid during billable hours.
  • Are in a position to grow your business exponentially
  • Don’t have to turn down clients because you’re booked four months out
  • Can easily help an unlimited number of people
  • Enhance your authority, allowing you to charge more for the billable services you do offer
  • Might even get a book deal. Except that’s a lie. But I thought I’d put it here because everyone wants a book deal and it’s a really attractive bullet point.


What am I talking about?

I’m talking about leveraging your incredible talents, skills, knowledge and packaging it into ways that allow for greater distribution—so you take what was once a one-on-one transfer of knowledge, and turn it into a one-to-one-hundred transfer of knowledge.

It’s taking this great thing we call the internet, and using it to your advantage.

Not enough people do this. Not enough people understand the capabilities the internet gives them. Not enough people are leveraging the most mind-blowing tool available for having a greater impact, and generating substantial revenue. They hop on Facebook, maybe Google some things, and perhaps use some online invoicing software, but apart from that, they unknowingly waste one of the greatest secret weapons any small business owner could ever have.

The internet.

The internet can open doors for you like you may have never imagined…if you know how to use it right.

If you know how to use it in order to work smart, if you will.

So far this year, $103,234.05 in revenue for my business has come from online program sales alone—learning platforms I’ve created to help teach and disseminate knowledge that doesn’t require my physical presence at all times.


Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 10.42.07 AM


It’s truly a win-win. I’m able to scale my business and help others in a way I wouldn’t have been able to before—and at a much lower price point, too, than if you tried to hire me to consult with you.

That said, there’s a right way to go about it and a wrong way to go about it. Do it the wrong way, and you’ll hurt your business. Do it the right way, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

And it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Hell, I know an Etsy seller who, last year, sold 5,000 copies of her simple eBook, and ended up generating over $100,000 from that alone.

If an Etsy seller can do this, you can, too.

Because people want to know what you know. And sometimes, it’s just a matter of figuring out a way to give it to ’em.

Because, after all, you can’t make money if you don’t have something to sell.

And that’s one piece of advice I know to be true.


Ashley Ambirge


With a career background as a high-level marketing and sales executive, coupled with her former position as Director of PR for AWeber, these are the same principles that have launched Ashley into a 6 figure copywriting and consulting business, with a client roster including Demi + Ashton, Adrian Peterson for the Minnesota Vikings, an Australian TV producer, the star of the new Bravo reality TV show, The Headhuntress, the lead astrologer for Cosmo magazine, and several prominent tech start-up companies such as GlobalMojo.com and BigDoor.com. Without having to ever pitch a single one of ‘em.

Okay, so how about that sweet deal?

I loved Ashley’s products SO much (I’ve officially purchased three of her programs) that I worked out an awesome deal with her so that you guys can do the same.

Everyone is getting 20% off of everything in her shop!

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I purchased 97 in ’11 first, because, come on! Who wouldn’t want to know how she ended up making OVER $100,000 in her first year of business.

Then, I purchased Products + Cash, because I was so interested in revving up my product creation for 2013 (this is in the works, by the way, and you can expect to hear more about this on Thursday).

Then, this past weekend, I purchased Clients + Cash. Anyone looking for more clients (and as the name implies, more cash) should definitely check this number out. It’s gold.

Interested to see what others have said about her products?

Check out these testimonials. They speak volumes for the value of the actual products.

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