The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

The Last Minute Decision that Sealed the Deal

How is everyone handling holiday stress?

Your tree is probably up, half your shopping done, family already coming to visit. No? Just me, then?


I’m here to share with you a little discovery I made when I was launching PowerPlay.

It was my first program launch. I had no clue what to expect. I completely undervalued myself and my amazing posse, because the launch was extremely successful.

Even though, I could go on and say that the brilliant sales page copy I wrote was what did the trick, I know that I’d be wrong.

You see, it was a last-minute decision I made that catapulted the sales through the roof. Something that I hadn’t even thought of until the day before the launch.

I’m afraid that if I wouldn’t have included this tiny little feature/benefit/whatever you wanna call it, I wouldn’t have had so many signups in the first 72 hours.


A private Facebook group.


Something so simple as using your connections and resources to bring together a group of wonderful, powerful and motivated creative women. A group that can now support each other, help hold each other accountable and use their own resources to point someone else in the right direction.


I’ll be honest – 

When the idea struck me at first, I was hesitant to add it based on the nature of the program.

A guilt-free look inside my business.

I was afraid nobody would want to claim that they joined – which risked the fact that nobody would spread the word. I was willing to take that risk, because I knew that helping out even 20 people would be worth it.


This just goes to show you that those last minute decisions, the ones you are hesitant to even give a second-look, could be the ones that separate a successful program launch from a flop.


My point –

Use every resource at arm’s length to make your programs/products/services better than they were ever going to be.

Strive to under-promise, over-deliver.

Pack it with value and price it according to the perceived value. 




PS – Are you interested in gearing up for 2013 with a rowdy bunch of motivated (and very communicative) women? The PowerPlay Facebook group has over 60 members and I know each of them would just love it if you were to introduce yourself! Learn More.