The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

The 5 Factors of an Irresistible Offering


We all know how time consuming & stressful creating new offerings can be. What’s worse is when you put SO MUCH energy into a new offering and don’t get the results you were hoping for.

Major buzz kill.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, we want to start from the beginning. We want to craft something so delicious that people want nothing more than to get their hands on it.

After creating, experimenting and experiencing different types of offerings, there seem to be at least 5 things that all good offerings have in common.

They’re what I call the 5 Factors of an Irresistible Offering.


1. It’s unique.

Your offering is unique when it uses a different approach or process that others in your industry don’t use. It’s unique because it brings something new & exciting to the table.

When customers see an offering that looks unique, they’re not only interested in the content, but in the way it’s presented/delivered/communicated. It raises their curiosity and leaves them wanting to know more.

Make your offering unique by playing around with the:

Delivery : How is your offering typically delivered to the client? How can you create a new way of delivering it? Can you bring in ideas from outside your industry?

Timing : How long does it typically take to deliver the end result? Can you speed up the process somehow? By the time a client reaches out to us, they needed to have/know something, like yesterday. How can you take the sense of urgency and create an offering that allows your client to have things as quickly as possible?

Content : Do you have a better, more effective, formula for doing or accomplishing something?

Approach : Are others in your industry really dry and boring with their approach? How can you spice things up and make what you’re teaching fun & easy to take action on?

To get even more info on how to set your offering apart from others in your industry, check out Blue Ocean Strategy.


2. It’s specific.

One thing that stops creators in their tracks is this need to create the end-all-be-all product for their clients. What usually happens though is they end up creating a generic offering that isn’t very clear or specific. It tries to cover too much ground and not only are your clients confused as hell, but so are you.

Choose 1 problem or frustration that your dream clients have, envision a perfect solution for them and commit to creating that.

To make sure your content stays focused, I suggest writing the sales page copy first. You can use it as a guide when you’re creating the content for the offering.

Also, make sure you fill out a brand new dream customer avatar for this offering. You may be really clear on who your overall dream customer is, but it’s important to fill out a brand new one so you can get really clear on exactly who this offering is for and what their biggest problem or frustration is.

Want to know the most important questions you need to answer in order to create something perfect for your dream customers? We’ll be covering all of that in my new workshop, Irresistible Offerings. Click here to learn more.


3. It’s clear.

In order for your offering to be clear, you need to put a lot of attention on how you’re communicating the benefits of your offering.

It’s important that your customer understands what they’ll gain/lose after working with you. For example:

They’ll gain more:

  • time to do _____________
  • knowledge
  • clarity
  • confidence
  • etc.

They’ll lose:

  • weight
  • fear
  • etc.

What type of experience will they have after working with you? What will their life look like? How will they get closer to their ideal lifestyle?

Be as clear as possible when laying out the benefits, because benefits are what sell the offering.


4. The price, delivery & dream customer are in alignment.

No matter how fantastic you’re offering is, it won’t sell if something is a bit off.

You can’t sell a cup of coffee for $30, because nobody thinks it’s worth that much (unless you’re in Hong Kong, apparently).

An example that you can relate to more is trying to sell an eBook for over $200. The value just isn’t there for people to feel comfortable purchasing something like that at that price point. In order to justify that price, you’d need to add additional media or value to the mix.

So, first think about who you’re dream customer is for this offering. Get really clear on who this offering was created for. From there, you can find out what format they prefer to learn with (eBook, home study program, live online course, audio, etc). Then, find out what they’d be willing to pay for it. If you don’t really know, do some research. See what other things they buy and how much they buy it for. If you still don’t know, ask.

I’ll tell you one thing, if I told my friends that don’t own a business that the going rate for an eBook is anywhere from $27-$97 on average, they’d think I was nuts. That’s why it’s important to understand who you’re creating for.


5. Your sales page looks profesh.

This is the first impression your dream customers have of your new offering. This is no place to skimp. If you’re asking people for money, make sure you put the up front work into creating a sales page that does it’s job… SELLS.

How can you make sure your sales page is doing it’s job?

1. Hire a copywriter to clearly communicate your offering & seduce your dream customers (in a good way)

2. Hire a designer to create a sales page that looks like a million bucks. There’s nothing worse than fuzzy images, jagged text or a design disaster to push away potential customers. Humans are visual creatures. When they look at a well-designed sales page, they see the value in what you’re asking them to buy.

If you’re thinking, “Um, Amanda, I have no idea how to design a pro-looking sales page, let alone write the copy for it!”, then you’re gonna love the special package I put together for up to 5 people who are interested in joining Irresistible Offerings. Sign up here to jump on the VIP list so you know when we officially launch.


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