Where to find the best (free) stock photos for your sales page

Where to Find the Best (free) Stock Photos for Your Sales Page on amandagenther.com


Finding unique and gorgeous stock photos that you haven’t seen every other online entrepreneur and their best friend use already can be pretty tricky sometimes.

And when it comes to stock photos on your sales page, the last thing you want is something people have seen ten times before. That’s an easy way to get them to click away fast.

So, I wanted to round up some of the best free stock photo resources you can browse to grab unique images for your sales pages and websites.


1. Creative Convex by PinkPot


PinkPot is a great stock photo resource for creative women entrepreneurs who have a feminine brand style.

My favorite part about the Creative Convex photos is that she gives you both landscape and horizontal options to choose from.

The only downside is there aren’t a ton of options yet, because it looks like she just got started.

Click here to browse the Creative Convex site and download a free photo pack >>


2. Create Her Stock


Create Her Stock is similar in style to Creative Convex, but has more photos to choose from and the option for a premium subscription.

I love the clean style of the photos and the overall message for the brand.

Click here to browse the Create Her Stock site and download a free photo pack >>


3. Kaboom Pics


This is a great stock photo resource with images similar to those you’d find on Unsplash, but not as well known (in the case of stock photos — a great thing!).

The trick to this site is to actually use the search function. Play around with the categories and tags to find your perfect picture. Also, no opt-in required to get free photos. You can download them directly from the site.

Click here to browse the Kaboom Pics site and download your first photo >>


4. Picjumbo


This site is similar to Kaboom Pics, where you’ll definitely need to use the search function to find the photo you’re looking for. I search for “woman business” to find the two example photos above, and they had some pretty good options.

Again, no opt-in required to download photos from this site. There’s also a premium option to get access to a larger library of photos, if you like their style.

Click here to browse the PicJumbo site and download your first photo >>


5. Startup Stock Photos


This is a great stock photo resource for businesses focused on helping other businesses. As the name implies, the photos are centered around the “startup” concept so you’ll find a lot of tech, planning and meeting images.

The photo style is very clean and no frills. Same as the last two options, there is no opt-in required to download photos. There’s also minimal advertising on this site, so no ads getting in your way.

Click here to browse the Startup Stock Photos site and download your first photo >>


6. Death To Stock Photo


I know I’ve probably mentioned this site a few times on my blog, but I can’t leave it out. It’s still one of my favorite options. Recently, I feel like they’ve kind of taken a turn to focus more on travel images, so that’s great if your brand is focused on traveling. For the rest of us, however, the first group of photo packs are more in line with what we’d use.

You need to opt-in to receive the free images to your inbox each month, and there’s also a premium option.

Click here to browse the Death to Stock Photo site and download a free photo pack >>



All of these photos are free to use on your blogs, sales pages, membership sites, ebooks and anywhere else you can imagine. As long as you’re not reselling the image. 😉

I hope this gave you a few more options for places to find great stock photos that aren’t so “stock”.

Happy stock image shopping!

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