Sticking to your prices when clients are constantly asking you to lower them can be hard, but do yourself a favor and KNOW WHAT YOU’RE WORTH!

If you know that you’re worth how much you’re charging, then you shouldn’t feel bad for telling them the minimum price for your services. Some people, heck… most people, WON’T be able to afford you. That’s life. But, there will be plenty of others who can afford you.

I’ve learnt the hard way that the ones who are willing to pay for your services are the ones who are the most fun to work with. They don’t question your judgement, they trust your decisions and they don’t turn you into a Photoshop puppet. They know they are hiring you because they want to work with YOU.

Usually (not always, but usually) the clients who try and hassle you down on everything or try and get away with extra free time are the clients that don’t understand your value. Working with clients who value what you’re worth is key to a successful project.

Here are a few ways to handle the price hagglers:

01. Kindly tell them that the fee can’t be lowered and remind them that the value of the service is well worth the fee.

02. If they really can’t afford your services, refer them to somebody with a similar aesthetic/style that charges lower fees.

03. Explain the value of your services to them in detail and show them what they are getting for their money. Most clients will see an estimate and freak, because they don’t understand how much time and research you need to invest in a project in order to complete it. But, once you explain exactly what they are getting, the sticker shock wears off and they feel a lot more confident about the investment.

04. Remind them that this is an investment. I love that term, because that’s exactly what it is. Every client I work with comes back to me a few weeks or months later to tell me how much their website traffic, project inquiries, comments, etc, have increased once we launched their new brand identity. The money that you spend will come flying right back into your pocket if you do it right.

Lesson Learned: The more you say ‘NO’ to the wrong clients, the more room you have open for the PERFECT clients. 

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