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My Favorite Tools + Resources for Designing Your Own Sales Page

My Favorite Tools & Resources for Designing Your Own Sales Pages

I get asked a lot what my favorite tools and resources are for people who want to design their own sales pages, so I wanted to do a big roundup post today.

Page Builders

What’s a page builder? It’s basically a theme or a plugin that includes a visual editor, which allows you to be able to see what you’re building as you build it. No HTML or CSS skills required.

Why should you use one? It makes is extremely easy for you to create and update your sales page yourself without needing to call in a developer to save you.


This is my go-to for when people ask me what my favorite sales page theme is. This software used to be super clunky and unmanageable but they’ve really stepped up their game in the past year. They also just released They also have a great marketplace where you can buy templates and other plugins. I also sell additional templates in my shop.



This is my second favorite page builder and the one I use most frequently for clients, because it’s easy for me to design without needing an outside developer, and also easy for my clients to update themselves.


This is a page builder that I’m relatively new to, but absolutely loving it because there’s a free option, which means you can try it first to make sure you like it before upgrading to the premium version. This is a great option to add to your existing website if you just need an easier drag and drop editor to build your sales page with.

*These all come as a theme OR plugin option, meaning you can use them in conjunction with other WordPress themes.

Stock Photos

SC Stock Shop 

This is the premiere place for feminine and professional stock photos. Shay led the charge when it comes to this style of photo you now see everywhere. Her photos are a little pricier but have a ton of quality to them. My favorite part about this site is the Shop by Color feature.

Haute Chocolate Styled Stock Library

This is a membership style stock photo library and currently the one I’m subscribed to. She comes out with new images every month and they’re always gorgeous. Prices start at $75 for a 3-month subscription.

Styled Stock Society

This is another stock photo subscription service and very similar in style to the Haute Chocolate photos. Prices start at $30 for a 3-month subscription, but you don’t get as many photos each month (usually around 30, compared to the 50+ you get with the Haute Chocolate subscription), so if you don’t need as many, then this is a great option.

Creative Market

This is now my go-to place for single stock photos. They’re affordable and there are so many options now that you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits your brand. Some of my favorite shops are TwigyPosts, White Hart Design Co, Floral Deco and Linea Mae.


Fonts can really set your sales page apart from others out there, if used right. I recommend sticking to 2-3 fonts, max. Any more than that and your page will become very distracting, very quickly.

Google Fonts

All of the page builders I mentioned above are fully integrated with Google Fonts, so you don’t even need to worry about importing any custom fonts.


If you want to use a more custom font on your sales page, I recommend Typekit.

Mockup Creator

If you want to include some desktop, iphone or ipad mockups on your sales page, here are my favorite resources for creating your own.

Creative Market

If you’re comfortable using Photoshop, I recommend buying a mockup template on Creative Market and inserting your screenshot. Some photos you’ll need to manually create your desktop screen and all that, but there are many on there that include “smart objects” which make it very easy to insert your screenshot with a couple clicks.


This is an online software app that lets you drag your screenshot onto the picture and PlaceIt will do all the work for you. The mockups aren’t as pretty as the ones you’ll find on Creative Market, but these are much easier to create if you aren’t comfortable using Photoshop.


Very similar to PlaceIt.net, but this site doesn’t have as many options of stock photos to choose from, although I think the options are a little more stylish.


We all love a good icon. These are all great options:





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