I promised a review of what I took away from Jess Constable’s Business with Intention Workshop, so here goes.

These were my main takeaways:

01. A clear vision is really important when running a business. Sometimes we only look at where we want to be short-term (within 6-12 months), but what we sometimes forget to do is look long-term (past 12 months). Writing down how you envision you life to be 5 years from now can really shape how you want your business to be 5 years from now. It can also keep you on point and make sure the decisions you are making today are going to push you towards that vision.

02. Having a purpose for your business is important. Jess defines your Purpose as YOUR TALENTS + HOW YOU HELP PEOPLE = YOUR PURPOSE.

03. It is really important to have balance. Many of the other attendees reward themselves every few months if they meet their deadlines, profit goals and so on. Taking a trip to a local attraction every other month, taking one Friday off every month, and getting manicures once a month were all things mentioned and all rewards I’m interested in. Now to choose which one I like most!

I got to share my insight with fellow attendees on the importance of branding, the steps you should take before you hire a designer and important things to consider when working with a designer.

So, should you go to the workshop?

YES! Not only was the information great, but meeting other like-minded business owners in your area was the most valuable part.

You can read my testimonial and see lots of pictures here.

Have a great Tuesday!

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