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I promised you a review of 17hats, so here we go!

I started testing out 17hats around the middle of October. I went ahead and took the plunge and signed up for the full year subscription so I could really dive in and use it for all it’s worth.

Their features looked promising, and I was really expecting a lot out of this system that claimed to be an all-in-one solution.

After using the software for a couple weeks, I came to a final verdict and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

PRICE: $19/month if you sign up for the annual plan. They were running a special to get an entire year’s subscription for $137. Keep an eye out for another deal like this.


  1. Everything in one place – Invoices, estimates, contracts, client details and client projects all in one spot can be really useful.
  2. Price – Much cheaper than the combo of my other software (Freshbooks, Echosign, Basecamp, Bidsketch, Outright).
  3. Timely – They are super quick to respond to support questions.
  4. In beta + constantly thinking about what to add next – They seem to be very on top of adding new features and getting feedback from current users. I was able to provide feedback and suggestions for their new time tracking app.


  1. No ability to assign to-do’s – This one should be an obvious and easy fix.
  2. No client access – One of the main reasons I pay for Basecamp is so that my clients can login to their projects and see all outstanding to-do’s, view files and discuss revisions. If I can’t give my clients access to their project in 17hats, then it’s pretty much useless for project management.
  3. No ability to have discussions within projects or share files – Since you can’t add any additional users or your clients, the ability to have discussions within projects doesn’t exist. This is one of the biggest uses of Basecamp for me, to keep all discussions within a client’s project, rather than in my inbox, especially when discussing a particular file – like a design mockup.
  4. No ability to add custom colors or backgrounds – As a designer, it looks a little amateur sending clients to a invoice, contract or questionnaire with an off-brand background color.
  5. 17hats branding on all paid plans – I think that if I’m paying a yearly subscription for something that I should have the option to remove their branding. And if I choose to keep their branding, I should get some sort of referral credit when people sign up from my link.
  6. The script font – I hate the Jenna Sue font. It’s overused + it looks cheap. They just need to get rid of it and go with a premium font. I know, silly con, but that alone would make me not want to log in everyday. #fontsnob
  7. Glitches – I was creating a contract within a client’s project, clicked “save as template” and once I had saved everything I couldn’t find the contract template, which meant I had to recreate from the beginning. The text editor is also very glitchy – you’ll notice that certain lines disappear until you scroll down, and small things like that.


Personally, 17Hats is a NO for me at the moment. They are missing some vital features in order for me to replace them with my current systems. Once they add the time tracking, ability to add clients to their projects and have discussions, they could be a serious contender for me.

If you’re not as particular about custom colors and don’t need to give your clients access to their projects, then this might be a good option for you. The fact that invoices, estimates, contracts + questionnaires are all in one spot is AWESOME.

I ended up requesting a refund, because they just aren’t quite where I need them to be yet. Once they get the time tracking feature added, they could start by replacing my Freshbooks and EchoSign account. I’ll be waiting patiently.

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If you’re looking for more reviews on 17hats and a comparison review to a similar piece of software, check out Morgan’s review of 17hats and the Motiv App. She listed some really great points.

Have you tried 17hats yet? Have any additional pros or cons to add to the list for everyone considering using it? Tell me in the comments below!

Photo from Shay Cochrane

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