I had a tiny shift in priorities this weekend when I realized that I needed to focus on my own design business, now that this was going to become a full-time thing. My other project that I am very excited about will just have to be put on the back burner as my I move my to-dos around to better suit what’s most important RIGHT NOW. It was kind of heart breaking to realize that I was going to have to push back the launch date and shift my whole mindset to another area, but it’s what needed to be done.

I also started using a new online to-do tool, Wunderlist. I tried out TeuxDeux, but it didn’t offer the option to create multiple lists. With Wunderlist, I can create multiple lists for each project I am working on, sort by highest priority, and view by due date or by project. It’s pretty awesome so far! Plus, they offer a free app for your iPhone. TeuxDeux charge $2.99. Affordable, but if you like Wunderlist better, than it’s a win-win situation.

Does anyone else have any other productivity tools that they all the time? I’d love to hear!

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