The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit


I love the holidays, but there is a tiny reminder in the back of my head that this year is ending, which means that a new one is beginning. What comes with the new year are new goals, new determinations, and reflections on the past year. And all of these things are great, but so hard to actually sit down and do. So, I finally got around to it, and so glad I did. This past year has had a lot of starts for me, but not nearly where I want to be. I have a lot of determination for the upcoming year, and a lot of items on my “To Do -2012” list. This list could have been longer, but I am trying this whole new thing where I’m not “biting off more than I can chew”. Let’s see if I can do it.

(goal clipboard can be found here)

The method to my madness is pretty chaotic. I don’t have a set list that I stick to, no number of goals that I need to have or anything. I just think and then I write it down. I randomly jot down goals for the upcoming year starting around the end of November. For some reason, I get a huge burst of motivation around this time, even though it’s so hard to get anything done with the holidays, traveling, and year-end freelance madness. Don’t even get me started on taxes!

I stick to reachable goals. For example, for my business, one day I would love to have a paper shop, but I have yet to create and distribute any paper products, so it would not be feasible to say that my paper shop will open at the beginning of next year. Depending on my work situation, client load and spare time, it could be realistic to have it set to launch near the end of next year. So, I make a note of that. Then go back to what I was doing. I have this thing where my most brilliant ideas come to me when I least expect them, like in the shower or right before I’m about to (finally) fall asleep. Always. So I have gotten in the habit of keeping pen and paper near me. Yes, even when I’m in the shower. I need one of those memo boards that sticks to the shower wall. That would be cool.

I’m still working on my timeline for goals for next year, but I made a good start. I’m also thinking about doing a “25 before 25” list, since I’m still young enough to be able to do actually accomplish some of the things.

Have you guys made new goals for yourselves or your business yet? I would love to hear your process!