PowerPlay is Live + a Giant Hug for you

First off – this week has been unbelievably overwhelming.

The good overwhelm.

The fantastic overwhelm!

I am completely grateful for everyone who took advantage of the sweet deal and signed up for PowerPlay before this morning.

We’ve already got a great group of creative women introducing themselves on the private PowerPlay Facebook page and my first email with some extra goodies went out this morning!

Everything is smooth sailing.


Now it gets even more exciting for me and for you!

PowerPlay is now open to the public.

I promise I’m done with the “only for my email list” garbage. It’s yours for the taking, if you’ll have it.


PowerPlay is an exclusive monthly email program that goes behind the scenes of my business.

I’m talking:


How much my business is making and where that money is coming from. I’ll break it down by category, so you know.

This is useful for those who are still at the stages of thinking that they won’t make any money. Let me tell you. You’re going to make money.

Better than that, you’re most likely going to make more money!


I’ll lay out what my 2013 goals are and how I plan to accomplish each of those goals.

You’ll follow along the way as I approach, tackle and (hopefully) conquer each of my goals.

Program Launches

I’ll lay out the steps all the way up till the actual program launch so that you can duplicate those steps and have successful program launches.

Brainstorming, surveying, crafting the details, setting up your website, managing members, using social media, deciding on a price point – all of that fun stuff!


Get an entire library full of the resources that I use daily/weekly/monthly/yearly in my business and what they’re best used for.

Want to know how I manage all of my clients and actually get them to pay on time, no questions asked?

Swipe files

How about an editorial calendar, 12 month marketing plan or master client info doc?

They’re all yours!

Plus, don’t forget –

I’ve set up a private Facebook group for all members of PowerPlay.

I’ll keep all bonus downloads and files here plus the entire archive of emails so that you always know where to find them!


Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what people have already been saying about it :




Even better –

I’m making everything available at a super affordable rate.


Sound too good to be true?

You can read even more about PowerPlay over here or by clicking the button below!

I would absolutely love to have you on board for 2013!



2 thoughts on “PowerPlay is Live + a Giant Hug for you”

  1. Yay! I’m so excited to be a part of PowerPlay or well, I will be a part when my stupid e-Check clears. Anyway, congrats and I can’t wait to join in on the fun!

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