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November :: Goals



Here’s what’s been going on in my life:

I attended the Making Things Happen conference a couple weeks ago. Here’s the recap from that.

November officially marks the start of my holiday season (who says we have to wait for the day after Thanksgiving?).

Design project have officially started! I’ve got one full re-brand, 2 eBooks and 3 sales page design packages happening right now. Next week kicks off a new full re-brand client. I feel totally in my element right now and could not be more happy that I decided to circle back around to design. This is just proof that you shouldn’t completely write things off just because you were overwhelmed. Instead, look at how you were managing your business and projects… there’s probably something you could’ve been doing better to make your life and your client’s experience MUCH better.

In an attempt to get a little more open here, I’ve decided to start a new column. I’ll be attempting to publish publishing my goals for each month. Some personal. Mostly business.

I also want to see how long I can set a word for the month.

This month, I really want to focus on one thing – simplifying my business.



In November, I will:

1. Go through all subscriptions and online software that I no longer need or use and unsubscribe/cancel payment/do whatever I need to do to get rid of it.

I kind of cheated here, because I did most of this in October when I saw a payment notification show up in my inbox for SurveyMonkey (that I haven’t used in over 2 months). I proceeded to downgrade to the free version.

I also finally deciding to say bye, bye to Infusionsoft and replace with a much simpler (and bank-friendly) alternative (post on that coming up soon). This will save me a ton of headaches and stress, because a) my little biz is NOT ready for this robust of software no matter how much I want(ed) it to be, and b) that price tag just killed me every month. My gut kept telling me to make the switch, but my head (and other biz coaches) kept telling me to keep it. I decided to listen to my gut. It’s a trusty gut.


2. Finally set up my business budget and attempt to keep track of spending every month.

For everyone who knows me, you know I absolutely suck at saving. I’m a “I earned it, now I’m gonna spend it all. We’ve only got one life to live. I’m living for now, not the future” kind-of-girl. Well, that mindset royally bit me in the butt. Hard. Hence the reason that I chose to simplify my online subscriptions and software. I have no problem keeping track of money coming into my bank account, but I failed to keep track of the money going out.

Honesty time: In August, I hit a 5-figure revenue month. In September, I hit a 5-figure expense month. They totally wiped each other out and that SUCKS. 

I know there are some money mindset issues in there somewhere and I’m trying to work through them. One thing I’ve found that works really well for me is playing a game. Let’s see how much money we can get in the bank account and then let’s not let it drop below a certain number. As revenue increases, my target line increases.


3. Remove the clutter in my office.

This means shredding old paper files, scrounging up all the empty notebooks I haven’t used (and stop buying brand new ones when I have all these blank ones) and donating/selling books that I have read and no longer need.

Yes, they look pretty on my bookshelves, but they’re taking up space in our little apartment (especially, since we just recently downsized our living space and my office is now located in the dining room).

This will also help with the next time we move, because the box with all the books is always the heaviest.


4. Focus on my hobbies. 

I just signed up for this calligraphy class and blocked time off each Friday to practice. Then, as I was playing around last week with a new design project I started, I realized I had no clue how to actually get the drawing onto the computer and make it look decent once it was scanned in. So, I bought this class.

This is what I created last week:


I thought it turned out pretty decent for a first attempt. What do you think?

We aren’t going to use it for the final version of the project, but it was pretty fun to play around with!

I also have a new painting started and a bunch of baby blankets to sew for Christmas gifts.

I think I’m good on this front, I just need to make sure I create the space to actually DO them.

Speaking of hobbies, is there some kind of bad connotation about a “hobby person”?? Am I missing something?



Start my new workout routine… this Monday. Gotta start on a Monday 😉

Start drinking Shakeology once a day

Launch the Irresistible Offerings self-study workshop

Update my 90-day plan for my biz

Create a Christmas budget

Decide on client Christmas gifts

Remove all bins/boxes from apartment and put into storage unit

Decorate for Christmas

Start creating my next offering


So, what are your goals for November?