NEWSLETTER / 04.03.2012

Building Your Brand

Determine Your Core Values

Core Values are the traits of your business that are different than others and help to explain why you decide to run your business in a certain way. It’s important to determine your core values, strengths, weaknesses and goals as one of the first steps to building your business, because your values should be the driving force behind every decision you make.

Answer these questions:
1. What 3 things do you want people to know about your business?
2. What 3 words make your business unique?

Based on those answers, you can determine up to 5 core values for your business.
Once you have 5 core values, you should prioritize each of these values to declare which will be more important and have more focus in your business structure.

Need help coming up with 5 core values? You can find a good list here


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