NEWSLETTER / 03.12.2012

Building Your Brand

Tell Your Story 

The first step in creating a brand for your business is to have a story to tell.

Think about what made you start your business in the first place, what passions do you have, what lesson are you trying to teach people, what gap are you trying to fill in the industry? Digging deep down to the core of your idea is how you will get your most powerful story. Everything else you do to create your brand should be based around this story.

Your first exercise is to WRITE. Write down every reason why you started your business and what you love about what you do. Don’t worry about wording, punctuation or anything else, just write! After all of the exercises, your story will start to come together in a structured manner. Your story is going to be a great tool to come back to when you feel lost, feel like you’re off track or forget why you even started the business.


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