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New Facebook Business Pages

Starting March 30, 2012, all Facebook Business Pages will convert to the Timeline layout. So, what does this mean for your page? A lot of design changes. We will do bad news first and good news second, because I like to leave on a positive note!

Bad News

1. Those pretty welcome pages that I’ve created for clients are going away. Not entirely away, but you won’t be able to force people to land on the page for conversion reasons. The welcome page will still be available under the apps section, but not even close to as useful as it used to be!

2. Your profile picture can only be 180 x 180 px, instead of 180 x 540 px. That’s a lot of prime real estate that you have to get rid of, so we’ll have to figure out a more clever way to show your information!

3. You are not allowed to use your new cover image to ask people to ‘like’ your page. Apparently, it’s against the rules. So, now people must like your page because they actually like your page, and not because you are forcing their hand into something they don’t want to do!?!

Good News

1. I prefer the visual look of timeline compared to the regular page. There’s one good thing for me, but we have to figure out how to utilize what already existed on the new layout.

2. There are four apps that are shown at the top of the page. You may order these four, besides the Photo app which is always first, in any order that you’d like. For example, I would order my apps like this:

3. Even though the apps aren’t as in your face as they were before, you have a lot more room on each of the app pages. For example, your welcome page can now be up to 779 px wide. That’s a lot of room to fill up!

4. You are able to “pin” your most important statuses to the top of your page. This can be good if  you are promoting a specific post, giveaway or announcement. This could also be used to lead readers to a certain application that you’d like them to see, such as the Welcome Page.

5. You can highlight certain posts, which makes the post the entire width of your timeline, instead of being part of the 2 column layout.

How to Make it Work

When Facebook and Twitter change their layouts, it means that I change my services. If you’re stuck and not sure how to utilize the new space that you have, I would love to help!

A few things that we can do to make your business page stand out:

1. Design a cover photo that really shows off who you are as a company, gives a little insight to how you work and what you do, and much more! However you want to show your unique style, I can make that happen. Your cover photo will be the first thing that potential clients, friends, family and readers see, so we want to make sure we give them a good first impression!

2. Design a new profile photo to the correct size. With the new size of 180 x 180 px, you won’t have much room, so you want to be sure that your profile photo is crisp, clear and the right dimensions.

3. Design a new welcome page application that is the correct width and successfully converts readers.

4. Facebook Consulting. Really confused on how to keep up with this change? Don’t worry, I offer one-hour consultations that will get you in the right direction, and if you need more time, the second hour is half-off!

You can check out my Facebook page here. (The above photos are screenshots of the new design, but the new design is not public, yet.)