Nail Down Your About Page, Once & For All

Nail Down Your 'About' Page, Once & For All!

I put out a call for questions and found that a number of people were interested in tips for mastering the scary About Page.

Coming off of last week’s post, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to help you out as much as somebody who does this sort of thing EVERYDAY.

So, I decided to ask for help. Enter Sarah Von Bargen.

Sarah’s a copywriter, blogger and Solution Sessions Creator.

She’s outlined how to tackle your About Page with uber confidence.

Plus, read her little bio at the end… she’s offering my readers an awesome discount on her Solution Sessions if booked before December 1st. Score!

Take it away, Sarah!

Ah, the About Page.  The corner stone in the cute craftsman bungalow that is your website.  It’s probably the first page potential clients read and (hopefully) it helps them get to know + like + trust you.  And then hire you.

But how do you write an About Page that sounds like you – without devolving into LOLs and cat videos?  How do you maintain some personality amid the professionalism?

Write in the first person

Writing in first person used to be the territory of ‘quirky creatives.’  No more.  With the exception of medical doctors, PhDs, and maybe investment bankers, everybody is writing their About Page in first person.  Clients ultimately hire people they like and want to work with and it’s much, much easier to showcase your awesome personality through first person grammar.

Don’t feel like first person fits with your field?  Be sure to include a few funny, personal, endearing facts about yourself.

Talk about your accomplishments in relation to how they’ll benefit your clients

It’s really, really fantastic that you have an MA in English literature, five years of underwater basket weaving experience, and 12 cats.  But what does that have to do with me, your potential client?  Make sure you tie your experiences and accomplishments to your services.  MA in English Lit = laser-like proofreading skills.  Underwater basket weaving = Buddha-caliber patience.  12 cats = um … I got nuthin.’  Leave that one out.

Consider the information you put on the page

Of course you need to include your educational and professional background, career accomplishments, and big deal clients.  But there might be some very thought-provoking questions you haven’t considered.  Check out Copylicious’s 16 Questions To Help You Write A Douche-Free Bio and Alex Franzen’s 5 Cheat-a-licious Tricks To Finish Your About Page Already.

Resist the urge to be so clever that people don’t know what you do

We all love a good pun or a cleverly turned metaphor.  And it’s totally okay to use those  sparingly on your About Page.  However!  It’s very, very important that when someone reads your page they walk away with a crystal clear understanding of your qualifications and services.  Now is not the time to be wittily vague or to choose words because they rhyme.  Now is the time to say what you mean and tell me what you can do for me.

Find a format that works for you

There are approximately a million ways to format an About Page; surely there’s a format that’s a good fit for your + your brand.  Mine is a bullet-pointed mix of the personal and professional.  You could make yours an infographic. a list of milestones, a cleverly designed list of your skills, or even a series of linked thumbnail photos.  Consider your brand, your dream client, and – most importantly – what you like and then create accordingly.

See?  Totally doable!  Go forth and write!


Sarah Von Bargen blogs every damn day at Yes and Yes and helps small businesses + entrepreneurs make a name for themselves on the internet.  With her Solution Sessions, you get a 3-month blogging editorial plan, a list of bloggers to pitch and a pitch template, a basic social media plan, and crazy helpful suggestions to improve your website.  In one day.  Yes, really!  She’s offering Amanda’s readers a $100 discount on the sessions when you book before December 1st.

Alright, now your turn. Did this content help?

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