My Marketing Plan is Always Changing

It’s funny. My marketing plan, or what I like to call – my Power Plan – is constantly changing.

Sometimes I think I’m just a wishy-washy person and start doubting myself, but then most of the time I realize that I’m human.

Things should be constantly changing.

If you look back through your list and that workshop idea you had 2 months ago doesn’t excite you like it used to – get rid of it. 

Replace it with something that does excite you. It’s a good way to do some business ‘house cleaning’ and keep things interesting.

I had an epiphany last night.

I realized that my love for marketing is starting to take over.

I get more thrill out of motivating and encouraging than I ever have.

So, naturally, this shifted the previous version of my 2013 Power Plan. Instead of making it a goal to work with a specific number of Brand Spark Intensive clients, I’ve decided to replace it with “Add monthly/ongoing consulting packages to my list of services.”

Change for the better.


And, since I know that I want to be more involved with 1-on-1 coaching, I’ve decided to hire a design assistant to help me oversee the design part of my Brand Spark Intensive.

It’s just about doing more of what you love and delegating the things that aren’t a “Hell Yes!”.

We should all being doing more of what we love and less of what we don’t enjoy.

It’ll make for a lot more happy people in this world, dontcha think?


So, tell me in the comments below or on Twitter – what kind of changes will you be making to your 2013 marketing plan?

Is there a voice inside of your head telling you to shift your focus, but you keep ignoring it? Do you continue to keep working on something that doesn’t get you excited like it did before?

Tell me!




PS – I’ve decided to close the doors on registration for PowerPlay on Friday, December 14th at 10pm EST. It’s reached an awesome number of ladies and I want to be sure that nobody misses out on any extra freebies I’ll be sending soon!

Speaking of that – if you haven’t started your 2013 marketing plan, I’ll be sending out a FREE copy of my PowerPlan to PowerPlay members to guide you through the steps I use to plan out my next 12 months. This is also the same workbook that I use with my Spark Session and Brand Spark Intensive clients. You can sign up here before registration closes to receive your free copy.


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