The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit


March was good to the business. It was my first, full official month of being a full-time business owner and it was definitely all I could ask for.

I look forward to what the upcoming months will bring, and I’m planning some pretty exciting things that I can’t wait to share!

Here is a little breakdown of everything that happened this month:

01. We talked about updating your Facebook page to meet the new Timeline layout. Read more →

02. I shared a breakdown of a business plan for creative businesses. This should help you finally create yours!
Read more →

03. We talked about the difference between a brand and a design. Read more →

04. I announced my interest in starting a couple of Ecourses and Workshops for creative businesses. I asked everyone to take a survey to let me know what they’re looking for. You can still take it! Read more →

05. I launched the new brand identity for Matushek Photography! Read more →

06. I showed everyone on Facebook a couple of inspiration boards created this month:



07. I sent out the first e-newsletter. You can sign up on the sidebar if you’d like to receive it! →

08. I created a couple of very valuable documents that each of my clients get at the end of their projects!

09. I spruced up my Facebook page. I’m in love with it now, you should come join me! (link)

10. I survived my first cold of the year. I blame it on the drastic weather changes!