Make Your Business Scaleable So You Can Do What You Love

Make Your Business Scaleable

I was on a long chat the other day with a fellow creative business owner about the importance of creating a scaleable business for ourselves.

As creatives, there are so many hours in a day when we are able to create.

Eventually, you will reach a ceiling – you can’t create anymore, which means you can’t make any more moolah.

For most business owners (those interested in increasing profits), this is a huge problem.

So, how do we go about making more money, even though our time is all used (or hopefully booked!) up?

How can we create more hours in a day so that we can have more dollars in our pockets?

The solution is simple…


If you’re a service-based business, which I assume you are, you need to be creating products that complement your services. This is the one and ONLY way to make your business scaleable, create additional revenue and have more time to do what you love!

I’ve been extremely intrigued with this product-creation phenomonen for the past few weeks. Within that time, I’ve read this e-book, this e-book and I’m taking her workshop on Saturday. This girl is pretty much a genius when it comes to creating products, marketing the shit out of them and then creating a successful launch strategy. She knows what’s going on, and she’s been extremely profitable (in her first full year in business – 2011 – she brought in $57,264.87 just in online product sales). The best part – you barely have to do anything after the initial creation stage. Once the product is created, it’s your job to just watch the sales come through.

I have a few current clients who are also extremely interested in product creation and we are working hard together to create a more scaleable business model for 2013! (Yes, it’s right around the corner).

Have I hammered into your head just how important it is, yet?

The number 1 question when it comes to creating a product based around your services is –
What the hell should I write about?

This is a good question, and only 1 group of people can give you the answer – your future customers.

Survey them.

I recommend SurveyMonkey.

Ask them exactly what they WANT to know. For example, my recent survey that I sent out looked a bit like this::

01. What are your biggest frustrations/problems/pains when it comes to running & growing your creative business?

+ Know what their issues are so that you can try and solve them

02. What area do you feel your business needs the most help with?

+ This is an obvious one – your number 1 look inside their heads. Make sure to mix up the choices, because you may be surprised by the answers.

03. Which category below includes your age?

17 or younger, 18-20, 21-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 or older (I just used the standard age group question in SurveyMonkey).

04. In which format would you prefer future products be in?

Give them a whole list of options. Mine included:: PDF Guides, Online Live Workshops, Online Membership Course, Video & Audio.

The results for this question were as I expected, but the first 2 questions really threw me for a loop once I saw the answers.

I’ll be reporting my survey results…

But not until I give you the chance to take it!

I sent out an early link to subscribers to see their opinions, and now I’m opening up the survey to the rest of my crew out there.

You can take the survey here.

You might be asking yourself, “what is she going to do with my answers”.

Well, this is the best part. I’ve got a couple of pretty cool products in the making, but I can’t finalize the plans until I know what you guys WANT to know!

This is your chance to give me your honest opinion on what you would like to learn, what drives you bonkers when it comes to running your business and in which format you would like to see these future products in.

Another awesome part about taking the survey…

The more answers I have, the more accurate the results will be when I share them with you.

You don’t give me your name or any info, this is just a simple 4 question survey that will literally take you under 30 seconds to complete.

Piece of cake!

Take the Survey

And, if you want to be the first to know about these (uh hum…) AWESOME products before they even come out, sign up below this post in that big raspberry box or head over here and sign up.

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