Ready to make big bucks from a low-ticket offer?

Create & launch a low-ticket offer funnel that makes you money every single day

(... even if you don’t have a large audience or any idea of what to sell)

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People say you can’t make good money selling low-ticket offers...

They say you should “charge what you’re worth”.

That you have “money mindset issues” if you’re selling anything for under $50.

But let me ask you this: “Would you like to make an easy $500 every single day?”  

Suddenly selling low-ticket offers sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? And surprise! $500/day is the bare minimum I make every single day with an offer under $50.

But there are also a bunch of other reasons to launch a low-ticket offer funnel, other than all that easy money…

Some amazing side effects to having a low-ticket offer working for your business every day include (but aren't limited to)...


Instead of loading up your email list with a bunch of freebie seekers, you’re building your list with paid, highly-targeted leads. And better yet – you’re building your list for a major profit!


I know everyone likes to talk about that elusive “laying on the beach, making money while you sleep passive revenue”, but for real – this type of funnel has the potential to be totally passive once you’re able to dial in your strategy.


When you create the *perfect* offer suite for your low-ticket offer funnel, you’re attracting dream customers for your higher-ticket funnels. And research shows that once someone purchases something from you, they’re 60% more likely to purchase again.

Want to know how much money I make every day with a low-ticket offer funnel?

In March 2020, I made $18,646 from my low-ticket offer funnel. That’s probably pretty hard to believe so I pulled a report from ThriveCart to prove it.

That’s 442% more than I made in March 2019 when I was pouring all of my energy into selling a $500 course on the same exact topic. (I had to check my math a few times, because that number seemed crazy!)

This type of funnel goes against everything that the “gurus” tell you to do, but I’m here to tell you that it works!

A low-ticket offer funnel allows you to make money every single day without needing to pimp out your offers on IG 24/7 or deal with P.I.T.A. clients.

If you truly want a freedom-based business that attracts clients for your higher-ticket offers, you NEED to have a low-ticket offer funnel working for your business.


Low-Ticket Funnel Formula

A 2-hour recording of a workshop on how to create and launch a low-ticket offer funnel, from how to create an offer that sells to the step-by-step setup to get your funnel up and running.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from running my own low-ticket offer funnel and my 8+ years of experience helping clients launch similar funnels.

I’ve broken the entire strategy down into a simple and easy-to-follow formula so that you can start making bank right away.

Low-Ticket Funnel Formula isn’t an online course.
It’s a 2-hour immersion into what you need to know and nothing more.

You’ll discover how to create the perfect offer suite, what to include on your sales page and order forms, what emails you need to write and how to launch with confidence.

But more importantly, you’ll have an offer in place for people in your audience who are a) brand new to your world and want a low-cost way of learning from you , and b) can’t afford to hire you 1-1… yet.

The end result: You banking $500+/day doing work you love, and happy clients who are thrilled to get a solution to their problems for a fraction of what other people are charging for the same or less information!

Here are just a few a-ha moments you’ll experience:

  • How to make an average of $50+ per order from a $37 offer
  • How to craft the perfect offer suite for your funnel, and how to position your offers with a “no-brainer” price
  • The #1 mistake you can make with your OTO upsell offer that will kill your conversions
  • What to do first if you’re not sure your offer will actually sell
  • The exact 3 email sequence you need for your funnel, plus one optional email sequence that could add an extra 10% to your bottom line
  • How much money I’m actually making, and how much I’m spending on FB ads every day
  • What MY exact funnel looks like and the strategies I’m testing to scale my funnel even more
  • The exact tools you’ll need to get this funnel launched with minimal tech overwhelm
  • ...and loads more hot tips to launch you into low-ticket funnel freedom

And to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action and get your low-ticket offer funnel launched, you’ll also have the opportunity to get your hands on an exclusive Template Pack designed by me.

Exclusive Add-On at Checkout:

Low-Ticket Funnel Formula Template Pack

If you want to fast track your funnel creation and get all of the sales pages, order forms and email templates you need to launch your low-ticket offer funnel, you NEED this template pack!

Here’s what you’ll get access to inside the Template Pack:

  • Long-Form Sales Page Template (for WordPress and Kajabi) detailing everything you need to include on your sales page
  • Order Form Funnel Templates for ThriveCart – my exact order form page and OTO sales page I use to achieve above benchmark conversion rates)
  • 4 Email Sequence Templates so you know exactly what to send, what to say and how to pick up all the money from the table with customers who abandoned your cart without purchasing.

If you want access to this Template Pack, make sure to add it on during checkout.

Imagine how much different your
business could look if...

  • You only needed to spend a few hours each week maintaining your funnel
  • You could earn $15,000 + every month without needing to rely solely on 1-1 client work
  • You were attracting the perfect leads for your higher-ticket offers, without needing to show up on Instagram every day
  • Happy customers were messaging you words of gratitude for your offer and how much of an impact it’s made on their lives

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