Launch Stories with Kathryn Hocking

Launch Stories with Kathryn Hocking

This month’s Launch Stories interview is with Kathryn Hocking, the queen of e-Courses.

I got to try out a video interview with Kathryn, so you can watch that right below.

If you’re more into the reading thing, then just scroll down a bit and we’ve summed up each question for easy reference.

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Let’s start off with you sharing a bit about your service you were launching.

The e-course launch formula is an 11 week online course that takes you through the entire process to deliver a profitable e-Course based on a proven step-by-step formula for success with year long and lifetime support via a facebook forum and an active community of e-Course creators.

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Can you give us the inside scoop on your last launch?

This is the 8th round of The Ecourse Launch Formula.

How long did you plan it for?

Launched in January and started planning for it 6 months prior to that.

What were your goals for this launch

Base goal – $100,000

Stretch goal – $150,000

Ultimate goal – $200,000

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How did you structure your actual launch?

How long was it – cart open/close, etc.

I believe the that the longer your pre-launch and launch phases, the more people will sign up. I like to give people time to make sure it’s a good fit and it’s in their budget. I can also reach more people when my cart is open longer.

Total launch time was 6-7 weeks, including pre-launch promotions and cart open time.

I have an evergreen video series, which means that I promoted it during my entire launch. I promoted the video series in pre-launch for 2 weeks, but I continued to promote it for another 3 weeks during my launch period.

Cart was open for 4 weeks.

How did you promote it during this time?

Video Series

eCourse Toolkit

Guest Posts


Facebook Ads

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What were your results from your last launch?

Revenue was just over $100k and over there were over 100 new members that joined.

Launch conversions:

2% of my total email list
3% of unique visitors to my sales page

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What’s the #1 thing you’ve learned from launching?

I’ve been working towards a 6-figure launch for a while now, so what I learned is that it will happen, if you continue to work at it.

Also, one thing I’ve come to realize recently is that my e-Course is unlimited in it’s reach. There’s so much potential for new members. But, in order to achieve that unlimited reach, I have to make sure I’m out there being seen. I’ve been emailing new people to become affiliates and testing out new ways of advertising and marketing to build my community.

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What do you love (or loathe) about launching?

LOVE – the money coming in, of course! But from doing the work perspective, the planning part is my favorite! Sitting down with my launch plan and doing a really great post launch review is something I love to do.

LOATHE – launching pushes all your buttons and gets down deep to the core of your own self-belief. I just hate the different periods of the launch where not much is happening, since most people tend to buy in the first 24-48 hours and the last 24-48 hours.

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What would you tell someone gearing up for their first launch to help them prepare?

Give yourself more time than you think you need. At least 1-2 more extra months.

Things happen in life and if your dates are super tight, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Spend a lot of time in your planning and strategy phase to plan out what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it and what you need.

Go hard or go home! You get a lump of time to do this launch and your job is to just get your thing seen by as many people in that timeframe.

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Launching something soon?

Download the FREE Irresistible Offer Planning Kit — a resource I created to share some of the exact checklists, Google Docs and planning sheets I used when creating my Irresistible Sales Pages eCourse. It will help you get super clear on what you’re creating, keep track of the content you need to write/record and show you a visual overview of how your course tech will all work together. Did I mention it was free? Click here to get access to it immediately.

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