The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit

  • The Irresistible Offer Planning Kit



Sometimes I feel myself getting really flustered after thinking of a great idea to help build my business and promote myself as a creative business branding expert. This is typically how my idea generation feels:

1. Thought of a great idea! Yay!

2. Write down my notes and ideas using Evernote. Make sure to write how it can relate to my current business and help me grow as an individual. Check.

3. Buy the domain. I’m a crazy web person (obviously), so one of my first thoughts is “Is the domain available for this crazy awesome idea?”. Check.

4. Fast forward an hour and I’m still thinking about it in the back of my head, unable to focus on anything else I was supposed to be working on. Then, comes the self-doubt and the pit-in-the-stomach feeling. Am I not focusing on the right things? Am I taking on too much? Am I crazy?

Then, that’s where I’m left. So how do you get over the pit-in-your-stomach feeling? Usually what I do is make sure that I have every idea written down while it’s fresh in my head, gather examples, inspiration, logistics, etc. Then, I sleep on it. It’s still really hard to focus on something else though when you have a brand new idea in your head and your super inspired for this new project. Maybe it’s best to wait a few hours until it moves to the back of your brain. You can take a break, go for a walk, take a nap, whatever will help you relax. Then, once you’re relaxed and ready to focus again, carry on with regular work. Sleep on the idea. If you wake up the next day and are still as excited as you were the day before, then it’s probably an idea worth pursuing!