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Terms & Conditions for Strategy Sessions:

Amanda Genther Inc. provides you with consulting services to facilitate your achievement of specific goals related to your personal and professional development through a one-time consulting session. You will define your goals before your first session through a Typeform survey.

Your role and preparation
As preparation for your strategy session, please bring the topic, question or challenge. If you are well prepared, Amanda can provide you a greater value and impact.

Your results are dependent on your actions. You enter each Strategy Session with Amanda with the full understanding that you are wholly responsible for creating your own results. Consulting addresses your specific life, business and work based topics, balance, personal performance and development. Activities may include creative exercises, values clarification, power brainstorming, business or career strategic planning, among others.

Amanda acknowledges that anything you share with her is completely confidential. She undertakes not to disclose any information you share with her in any session in any way whatsoever (unless in the unlikely event Amanda is required to do so by law).

Amanda’s goal is to support you in moving forward on the topic you bring to coaching. Amanda is committed to guide you in achieving the best possible outcome. Her method will be to ask questions, to help you focus, learn, prioritize, and motivate yourself to achieve the goals you seek. Obviously, the ultimate responsibility of achieving your goals rests with you.

Strategy Session & Booking
A Strategy Session will be carried out virtually (UberConference or Skype), at mutually agreed times during the period. A Strategy Session takes place for 60 minutes. A Strategy Session must be used within three months of purchase or else it will be void.

Growth Challenges
You acknowledge that Consulting may be personally, emotionally and physically challenging and that there may be occasions on which you will feel emotional challenges – including frustration, annoyance or stress. This is part of the growth process, which is a natural human reaction if you step beyond your comfort zone.

You will not hold Amanda Genther Inc. liable for any loss, liability, claim or cost incurred by you (or any person related to you), whether direct or indirect, related to the coaching and/or sessions, including without limitation in respect of any mental, physical, emotional stress or distress (or other ailment or condition).

Fees, Invoicing and Payment
Full payment for a Strategy Session is due before you are able to book your session call. You can pay via credit card (Stripe) or Paypal.

Availability and Notice
If for any reason you must reschedule, please give Amanda at least 24 hours’ notice. Without notice or a compelling explanation, you will be charged for the session and there will be no reschedules.

Cancellations, Refunds & Returns
There are no refunds on Strategy Sessions.

Updated: December 2016

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