I’m Not for Everybody & You Shouldn’t Be Either

We are currently packing up our belongings and heading East.

Well, East, as in 2 states (hardly) over, back to Michigan. Good enough.

I’m gonna leave you with a quickie to finish off the week.


I’m not for everybody.

I’m for women.

I’m for the multi-passionate.

I’m for the motivated.

I’m for the bold-at-heart and passionate-at-play.

I’m for the independent.

I’m for the micro-business owner.

I’m for the creative-minded.

I’m for the individual.


Declare who you’re for, because as soon as you start leaving people out, your business will grow.

I can’t be everything to everybody and I don’t try to be.

The more focused you are, the more passionate others are for YOUR business.

Because then people start to feel that they ARE for you.

They feel that they are a part of your business.

They start to feel like they are your best friend.

And you want them to feel like they are your best friend.

That creates loyalty. That creates trust. That creates a relationship.


Then, once you have your loyal crew, do whatever you must to help them.

Help them ________________.











A side note –

Next week is Thanksgiving, but you’re still going to hear from me. LOTS of good stuff going on right now.

Something I’m really excited about. My monthly email program, which I’m currently calling PowerPlay, is going to open for pre-sale to my email list ONLY!

If you’re interested, please jump on the list. You may regret it, once you see the sweet deal they’re going to get.

love & passion,


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