The one thing that should always drive your business. (Hint: you’ve already got it.)


Excellent Customer Service. Low Prices. Quality. Personality.

What do these 4 things have in common?

They are all things used to set your business apart from everyone else.


What’s the 1 thing on here, though, that you would bet a million dollars and your puppy on that nobody can do as well as you?


Well, others do have personality, but not yours, my friend.


Using your personality in your brand involves allowing yourself to be vulnerable to haters and criticism, but also be open and honest with your tribe and loyal followers. It creates a more engaged community and more responsive buyers. They believe in you, they trust you and they want to work with you – because you’ve allowed them to get to know who the real you is.

It’s the one advantage you have over everybody else, but yet, not enough people are taking advantage of it.

You’re afraid that you’re going to rub someone the wrong way. Or be turned down. Or lose fans. Or look uncool.

Well, guess what – there’s never been a better opportunity to look uncool, because being cool is seriously overrated. (Tweet This)

Being cool is for those girls you knew back in high school that still live in their hometown and haven’t done much with their lives. Being cool is for the guy who wished he would have followed his passion for art, but was afraid of what his friends might think. Do you want to be grouped in this category?

I understand how hard it is and how much courage it takes to use your real personality as a part of your brand.

Some of you may not even be aware of your personality quirks that could potentially skyrocket your success. Or maybe you know what they are, but you’re using them in very minuscule ways – lightly peppered into blog posts and Facebook statuses.

So, that’s why I’ve created my Sweet Spot Sessions. Your sweet spot is the intersection of your passions, natural skills and what people will pay you to do. This session is going to make you feel comfortable stepping into a business that is all YOURS. I work with lifestyle businesses, women entrepreneurs and purpose-driven brands.

Spots for this all-day, 1-on-1 workshop have just opened and I would absolutely LOVE to work with you. Learn more about them and make sure you get a big, fat HELL YES! before you book your spot, because I’m only interested in working with people who are ready for their next level of success. I want this session to truly make a difference, which means it’s going to take 2 people. I’m up for it, if you are.

If you’re on my email list, you can expect a nice little surprise in your inbox tomorrow **wink wink – my birthday discount**.

If you’re not on the list, do yourself a favor and get yourself on it. You can sign up below this post or on the sidebar.


What do you think?

I would love to hear what you think about creating personality-based brands. Do you struggle with incorporating your quirk into your language and visuals? And, if you have made the transition to your sweet spot, what kind of differences did you notice?




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