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How to choose which idea to pursue when you have SO many


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Last time we talked about how to make your ideas happen, but what happens when you have SO many ideas that you don’t know where to start?

Having “too many” ideas isn’t a bad thing. You’re creative, you’re a great brainstormer and you’re probably multi-passionate.

But, what happens when you can’t decide which idea to pursue is that you don’t follow-through on any of your ideas.

Believe me, I know.

I was stuck in idea paralysis for pretty much the entire first half of 2013.

I would plan out which idea I was going to work on and then I’d get “bored” and move onto the next idea, not finishing anything I started.

Then, I’d choose another idea, write the outline and start brainstorming. And then I’d stop. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

“Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.”

– Mary Kay Ash

Over the past few weeks, as I’ve been creating this new offering that will be launching (very!) soon, I’ve started to realize a few things.

First, you don’t have to create the end-all-be-all product.

You just need to create something that helps at least one person. If you can help 10 people, even better. If you can help 100, thousands or millions, you’ve got a good thing going.

One of the things that always stops me in my tracks is resistance and this feeling of wanting to pack everything I know into every offering. What happens then, though, is you end up with something that isn’t specific enough to understand.

You have to understand that you

Second, adapt my motto, IT’S NOT A NOW THING.

Before, everytime I got a new brilliant idea, I’d want to act on it immediately. That meant that the project I was working on got pushed to the backburner and eventually completely pushed off the whole damn stove. That process would continue repeating itself.

Now, I tell myself that “It’s not a now thing“.

Everytime I get a new idea, I write it down in my Moleskin and then once a month I review my idea notebook and add the still good ideas to an Evernote folder, creatively titled Project Ideas. Then, I review my next 3-6 months to decide what ideas I want to focus on. Now, of course this is constantly changing, but this new process allowed me to focus on 1 idea at a time.

Take it one step further and put a sticky note on your computer so you’re constantly reminded IT’S NOT A NOW THING.


Third, choose the one idea you want to focus on right now.

This is the only idea you are going to focus on, besides your normal marketing activities.

In the future, you might be able to simultaneously work on 2 ideas, but for now let’s focus on 1 and see how that goes.

Choose that 1 idea and tell me in the comments below that you’ve decided on it and you’re commited to following through on this, while pushing all other great ideas aside.

Once you finish this project, you’ll move on to the next one. A new Rinse. Wash. Repeat. One that is much more productive.

So, how do you choose that one idea to pursue right now?

My favorite way is to choose the one idea that you can easily get out there in the shortest amount of time.

When you’re training your brain to follow through on ideas, it’s best to start with something easy that won’t lead to too much resistance. Then, once you’re gotten good at following through on the small ideas, you’ll be more prepared to take on the larger projects.

Did you choose your idea?


Make a declaration in the comments below that you are going to focus on this ONE idea all the way through to execution. Don’t worry about wondering if it’s the “right” idea to work on at this time, because the only way you’ll know is to follow through and see how things turn out.