How to Book a Client Before You Even Get to the Conference


Are you going to a conference soon? Have you attended a few in the past?

I sign up for two different types of conferences each year. One that connects me to my target market and one that teaches me and connects me to other designers. When you find a conference that does both, you’ve hit the jackpot.

When I attend a conference that has potential clients, I’m looking at the conference as an investment. I think to myself, “If I could book one client from this conference, then I’ve paid for the entire trip.”

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s finding & booking clients before I even get to the conference.

And believe me, it’s a total weight off your shoulder when you can pay for the entire trip a month before you even board the plane.

Here’s how I manage to find & book those conference clients::

01. Research

Most conferences start to gather the attendees month in advance of the conference.

Check for a Twitter list, Facebook group, or the event might even have a directory of attendees (those are gold!)

My favorite and most-helpful resource has been connecting on Twitter. I find the attendees (either through a pre-made Twitter list or I do the dirty work myself), choose which are within my target market, add them to my own list – Conference Name 2012 – and follow them.

They see that I followed them and added them to a conference list. BOOM! Instant connection.

02. Connect

Introduce yourself to them, ask them if they attended the conference in the past, ask where they’re from, and so on. Make a real connection. Don’t send them a cheesy marketing tweet directing them to your website. If they want to know more about you, they will go to your website themselves.

Speaking of that, make sure your Twitter profile is updated with your current website, description and has a nice pic. First impression is key. It’s important that they know exactly what you do on first glance.

For example, mine says:

Brand Developer for Passionate, Creative Women Entrepreneurs. My method is everything you need to launch the better version of your business.

Golden! They know exactly WHAT I do, WHO I work with and WHY they need to work with me.

03. Follow Up

Once you’ve introduced yourself and made a connection, see what their needs are. Do your research – check out their website, logo, web copy, headshots, all of that fun stuff.

See if there is a need for what you offer. If there is, find a way to show them.

You can try emailing them to make a deeper connection, sending them a tweet with a post they might be interested in, and so on.

Don’t be too in-their-face, just enough to make a good impression on them and keep them coming back.


Alright, tell me in the comments below what worked for YOU! I’d love to know and my reader’s would, too! Share, share, share.

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