How can you be of more service & do more of what you love?

Remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago? That one that declared what I was going to STOP DOING in 2013?

Welp, I have an update for you. I’ve followed through. On at least one of those items. Baby steps.


I’ve taken huge leaps towards re-structuring my business model to include more 1:1 brand coaching, teaching and writing and less design and on-going web clients.


How can this help you?

Well, are you struggling or feeling stuck in between 2 directions? Both are pulling you in great ways, but you don’t have the energy or passion to devote to both?

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not sure what direction to go in, but you know that something needs to change?


Here’s my advice –

Go back to the core of your business.


Down, buried deep, underneath all of your offerings, services and products – what is the one thing you are helping people with?

What is the one thing that you absolutely love helping people – almost feel obliged to help people learn?

What topic are you intensely interested in?


For me, I found that from the start, I had incorporated brand strategy into my design projects. My core message has always been teaching people how to differentiate themselves, identify their perfect clients and teach them what they want to learn.

In the past, I did this through design. Now, I’m doing this through 1:1 personal brand coaching and workshops.

It only required me to go back to the core of what I was truly passionate about and leave out any acquired skills associated to my current business.


I’m working on a free mini-course on finding your sweet spot – the intersection of your natural skills & passions and your opportunity in the market to serve your perfect client.

If you’re interested in taking this course, sign up below this post or on the sidebar and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment opens.


I’d like to hear from you!

Tell me in the comments below:
  • If you’re currently going through a similar situation – what do you need the most help with during the process?
  • If you have gone through this process – how have you overcome the process and know that you made the right decision?


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