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Ah Friday, we meet again! There’s nothing like the feeling of a Friday, the beginning of a weekend and a little time off. Hopefully you’ve got something fun planned. My Dad and family are headed here for a visit and I’m hoping to make it to the apple orchard for the last time this season to stock up on cider donuts and hot apple cider. Yum!

Next week, our little guy is 3 months old. Craziness! I have no idea where the past 3 months have gone, but I’m really excited. He’s started to resemble more of a little human lately. You know… being able to hold his head up and all. It makes a huge difference! Oh, and did I mention the sleep? He’s been a champ in that arena lately, and we’re hoping it keeps up (although, we are NOT looking forward to the 4-month sleep regression we hear so much about). Oh, babies…

And on to a few fun things I found around the internet this week!


Creating a capsule wardrobe completely terrifies me and makes me excited, all at once. The idea of walking into my closet and not feeling overwhelmed with what to wear (especially with my post-baby body and a ton of clothes that don’t quite fit right anymore) makes my heart so happy. But getting rid of something that maybe I’ll wear eventually… freaks me out. Not gonna lie. Listen to Jess Lively talk with Caroline about creating a capsule wardrobe.

Solly Baby is hosting an awesome giveaway. This was one of our best baby purchases to-date, and the thought of traveling around the world with my man and my baby using these wraps makes my heart happy. You can enter the giveaway here (but if you win, you have to promise to send me a little souvenir from your trip).


Shaylyn Nelson finally opened her watercolor print shop and I’m wanting… oh, just about all of them! I want this one for our bathroom and this one for our bedroom and this one for Logan’s room and this one for my office.

I mentioned on Facebook that I was going to be testing out 17Hats. Guys… it’s awesome so far. I didn’t realize all of the different things you can do with it — estimate, invoicing, send contracts, send questionnaires. Even pull in emails from your regular inbox to specific projects, with a specific email address. It simplifies the entire customer experience and keeps everything in one place. I took the plunge and purchased the full year subscription. It’s only $149/year, and when you total up all of the costs for the other software you’re using (Freshbook, Echosign, Basecamp, etc), it’s totally worth it. I’m not 100% yet if it will replace Basecamp, but my hope is that it will!


I’m dying to make these soon. I think I’ll pick up a gallon of apple cider at the apple orchard this weekend and make them on Sunday. 🙂

If you’re just getting started in the design or freelance field, this webinar might help. It’s next Tuesday!

Happy Friday, friends! Have an awesome weekend!

10 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Weekly Links”

  1. Love these! I’ve been testing out 17hats too and I adore the billing options! Especially having your estimate list different options and the client can choose right there and that feeds into their invoice… GENIUS! I’m wishing it would step up its project management capabilities a bit with a client portal (like basecamp) as well as logged notes about contacts (like hirerise). If it could do that, it would be perfect! Hoping they make those upgrades soon!

    1. Yes, those 2 items are actually already on my con list for my review of 17hats. They definitely need to build out the project management side if they want to be considered an “all-in-one”, but so far they’re on the right track I think!

  2. Thanks for pointing out 17hats. I hadn’t heard of it before but it looks promising. I’m just starting out on my own so finding useful apps and setting up effective systems in the beginning will be great for me.

    Also, I just wanted to say that I love the changes that you’ve made to your site but the pale baby blue that you’re using for links is quite hard to see against the white background.


    1. Yea, I’m in the middle of messing around with the colors and noticed that. Thanks for mentioning it, so I know what you guys are seeing too! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these! Great to read your post baby updates. I’ve heard a lot about 17hats but haven’t been able to be lucky enough to snag an invite code. How does one get one?

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    1. I just signed up on their site and waited for an invite code. I don’t remember it taking very long to get one. 🙂

      1. Ah, good to know! The website copy makes the invites sound very exclusive so I was like mmmm.. should I even try? I’d be interested in trying them because it would be really nice to just have one system that does it all. Although our business actually needs to be able to capture client’s cc info and I’d be interested to see if they can do that.

        1. I’m not sure if they can do that quite yet, but once you get in you’ll see how quickly and on top of adding new features they are!

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