12 Easy Ways to Build Major Authority and Trust on Your Sales Page

The fact is, as more people start online business, most business owners struggle to get their message heard. The online world is super noisy and customers are looking for authorities in specific niches to trust with their money and time.

I want YOU to be one of those authorities and today I’m going to walk you through 12 different ways you can show your authority on your sales page.

Now, keep in mind, you can use these tips for everything else you do in your business, too. They’re not just for sales pages.

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Alright, let’s dive into the 12 easy ways you can build major authority and trust on your sales page.

1. Video testimonials

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

One of the best types of testimonials you can display on your sales page are videos of your clients and customers talking about how your offer has impacted them. To make it easy for your customer, give them the option to record the video on their own or offer the option to hop on a video chat with you to record some organic feedback.

Pro-tip: Get the video transcribed in order to use it as both a video testimonial and written testimonial.

2. Written testimonials

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

Written testimonials are one of the best and most impactful ways to show your authority and build trust with your reader. It shows that other people have had good results and experiences with your offer.

Every single sales page should include a few written testimonials, if nothing else on this list, because they are the easiest ways to show authority and expertise.

Pro tip: Outline the testimonial for them so they just need to fill in the blanks. Asking for a testimonial without any direction can be really overwhelming for your client. Outlining the format of the testimonial gives them a springboard to start with.

3. Case studies showing results

Example via Impacting Millions

Anytime a client or customer achieves a major win after the work you’ve done together, share their results on your sales page and include any screenshots and proof you can to visually show the results.

Pro tip: Host a challenge to see how many people can reach a certain goal within your program. Anyone who participates in the challenge and reaches the goal will win a prize.

4. Social proof & shoutouts

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

An authority game changer over the past year and something I’ve seen work super well on my own sales pages and my clients is showing the actual screenshots of your customers and clients sharing their results, wins and how much they love the offer they’ve purchased from you.

Whenever anyone shouts you out, thanking you for your expertise, trainings, etc, make sure to screenshot it and add it to your sales page so your readers know you’re a well-trusted authority on the topic and there are others following you.

Pro tip: Create a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox specifically for testimonials so that you can quickly add all screenshots and shoutouts into the folder to use later on your sales pages.

5. Media mentions (ASO logos)

Example via The Juice Club

Featured on Forbes? Yes, please! 

Displaying the different places you’ve been featured, noteworthy podcasts you’ve been a guest on and media you’ve appeared on can have a major boost on your authority. The right kinds of media mentions can position you as a “micro-celebrity” and help you build trust with your audience because it shows that these other notable sources trusted you enough to feature you.

Pro tip: Go to an entrepreneurial FB group, share your expertise and ask if there’s anyone looking for guest experts for their podcast, group program, guest blog or next event. Often times, business owners are looking for people with your expertise, but they don’t know where to find you. So put yourself out there!

6. Mockups of your offer

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

Give them a more tangible way of experiencing what they’re going to get, even when everything included is digital. Doing this builds the trust with your reader, because you’re setting the expectations of what to expect once they’re inside of your offer and what they’re going to receive.

Pro tip: To quickly create these graphics, I’ve included 5 different style mockups inside of Slay Your Sales Page so you can create professional looking offer mockups for your sales page.

7. Preview videos of your offer

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

If you want to get a little fancier and go above and beyond with your offer mockup, then offer sneak peeks are the way to go. 

Show your offer in action. 

Selling an event? Share a compilation of your last event with high vibe music and text call-outs getting your readers excited to attend the next event.

Sell an online course? Share a video showing them inside the student training portal so they can see exactly what they’re getting

Pro tip: Take a video using Loom of you scrolling through your offer and then turn that into a GIF for your sales page using ezgif.com.

8. Share how many people have already gone through the program

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

If you have an impressive number of people who have already purchased and gone through your program, make sure you’re sharing that on your sales page. This helps your readers trust that you know what you’re doing, because others have already put their trust in you.

Pro tip: I use ProveSource to display this on all of my sales pages.

9. Mentor endorsements

Example via TarzanKay.com

A fast track way to build your authority is to strategically align yourself with people in your industry that your audience looks up to.

Is there a “celebrity” in your industry that you have a connection with? Share a testimonial or a photo with them that shows that you’re trusted by your mentors.

10. Your story

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

Recently, I reviewed a sales page that was loaded with client results, but was missing one really important thing that would have helped readers connect with the person selling the offer…

Your origin story.

Your experience as the expert is as much an authority building tactic as a great testimonial. Showing your sales page readers that you have been able to achieve results for yourself, along with other people is a huge testament to your knowledge and experience.

11. Examples of past clients you’ve worked with

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

If you work with clients who are recognizable in your industry, using photos of your past clients can be a great way to build authority. It shows that these well-known clients have trusted you as an expert.

12. Real-time proof showing people are purchasing

Example via Slay Your Sales Page

One of my favorite ways to build authority on sales pages is to show that people are actually buying what you’re selling. You can do that by including a social proof widget that tracks who is purchasing in real-time. 

Pro tip: My favorite tool for displaying proof of purchase is ProveSource. Plus, you can use it for #8, to show how many total people have purchased as well!

How to display your authority-building elements:

The best way to display each of these authority-building items on your sales page is by weaving them directly into your sales page copy. 

Make sure you’re sprinkling them throughout your sales page so your reader is constantly being reminded that they can trust you and your offer.

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