$22k from Hosting an Online Summit (and How to Host Your Own) with Krista Miller

$22k from Hosting an Online Summit (and how to host your own online summit) with Krista Miller

Oh man, today’s episode is going to blow your mind. ? I’m chatting with my friend and Designer / Online Summit Host, Krista Miller. 

Krista is the Founder of Summit in a Box where she teaches online business owners how to skyrocket their revenue, grow their email lists, become leaders, and make mutually beneficial connections through online summits. And not the kind of summits that leave speakers and attendees feeling gross and taken advantage of – Krista’s method is focused on strong connections, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved.

In this episode, we talk about how she brought in over $21,000 in revenue from hosting her 3rd online summit. She walks us through, step-by-step how you can create and host your own online summit, how to structure the summit so it’s profitable for you and your speakers, and what she has tried in her online summits that haven’t worked out so well. Krista breaks it all down in this episode that you do not want to miss if you’ve ever thought about hosting your own online summit.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • 2:00 Amanda welcomes Krista to the show
  • 3:25 Krista shares what her business is
  • 8:00 Amanda asks Krista to share about her recent online summit success
  • 11:30 Krista shares her steps for setting up an online summit
  • 21:15 How to keep participants excited and engaged
  • 23:00 How to begin promoting your summit
  • 25:24 Krista’s strategy for delivery
  • 27:00 Incentivizing speakers
  • 30:44 Why Krista feels her summit was so successful and what she would do differently next time
  • 34:45 Interesting things that other people have done differently for online summits
  • 37:25 Krista talks numbers for her last summit
  • 40:00 Action step for holding your own online summit


Download the Funnel Blueprint:


Links & Resources Mentioned:

Summit in a Box Website
Virtual Summit Prep Timeline
Krista on Instagram
Get content from your speakers using Content Snare


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