How to Get More Leads and Sales from Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

How to Get More Leads and Sales from Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

If you run an online business (and I assume you do if you’re currently reading this), are you fully utilizing the power of Pinterest to get more eyeballs on your offers? If not, then listen up, because today’s episode is going to blow your mind.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Meagan Williamson – Pinterest Strategist, niche marketing expert and OG Pinner. Meagan helps overwhelmed and confused business owners learn how to run their own Pinterest marketing so they can grow their audience with ease and confidence.

In this episode, Meagan dives  deep into the power of Pinterest, why online business owners should be prioritizing their Pinterest strategy and the dos and don’ts for getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing funnel.

How to Get More Leads and Sales from Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • Is Pinterest a social media tool or search engine?
  • Why every online business owner should be focusing on Pinterest
  • The things you need to have set up in place before you start pinning on Pinterest
  • How Pinterest traffic behaves differently than Facebook/Instagram traffic
  • Which type of offers are best for a Pinterest marketing funnel (and which aren’t)
  • How to create scroll-stopping pins so your pins actually get noticed
  • How many pins you need to create for one piece of content (this will blow your mind)
  • What stats you should be paying attention to in order to measure your results

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How to Get More Leads and Sales from Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

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