$12k in Sales from Low-Priced Courses and Facebook Ads with Amy Crane

$12k in Sales from Low-Priced Courses and Facebook Ads with Amy CraneSound the air horns, it’s time for the first guest interview of the Inspired for Action podcast and it’s a good one! Today, I’m chatting with my friend and Facebook Advertising Strategist, Amy Crane. 

Amy is the Founder of Social Lab Marketing where she manages over $5 million in ad spend a year for her clients. She’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs skyrocket their results with FB Ads by using simple, but effective strategies that are so easy even people who hate FB Ads can do it.

And if there’s one thing I can tell you about Amy — she does NOT hold back. She’s ready and willing to share everything she knows about Facebook ads, funnels and making money online!

In this episode, we talk about how she was able to bring in an extra $12k in revenue while she was away on vacation for a week by selling courses that she already had created. She walks us through which products she sold, how people found them while she away and breaks down the exact funnel that lead to the $12k in sales. Plus, I had to end the episode by asking her a few FB Ads questions, since that’s her bread and butter.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • 1:53 Amanda introduces Amy
  • 3:00 Amy shares about her Facebook Ad Business
  • 7:15 Amy discusses the $12,000 launch she had while on vacation
  • 11:10 The big launch: how it worked for her and went against the grain
  • 16:56 Walkthrough of Amy’s funnel set up
  • 21:15 Amy and Amanda discuss using tripwire funnels, timing them right, and conversion rates
  • 29:28 How Amy came up with her funnel offers and why she chose to group them together
  • 33:00 Amanda asks what Amy’s testing process looks like for tripwire funnels
  • 37:30 Un-ad training
  • 43:32 The crucial Facebook Ad for your funnel and promoting to your audience
  • 48:15 The number one thing to take action on today!


Download the Funnel Blueprint:


Links & Resources Mentioned:

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